Meether Concept

要 是现在有人告诉你我们有用之不尽的清洁能源,你会兴奋吗?如果一觉醒来你发现身上所有的病痛都没了,你的身子是 100% 的完美健康,会有什么感觉?然后我 们的世界完全没有污染,个个长生不老,想要什么就会马上出现在你面前,你不想要的东西立马在你面前消失。你会相信吗?你要去那里,不管相隔千山万水,你念 头到身体就到。飞天遁地,遨游星际根本不是一回事…我们在说神话吧?不!可行理论—简明易懂的米太概念已经问世了。也许人们会叫它万有理论,但我们做事一向喜欢低调,所以且管它叫“米太概念”英文是meetherconcept。可以记作 meet her concept,即:领晤她的概念。她,就是大自然母亲。一旦掌握了这个概念就等于打开了通往大自然奥秘的大门,所有关于大自然的疑问便有了清晰的答案。若然从今天起全人类行动起来齐齐研究这个理论,我们可以预期五年之内上面所说的神话就会成为现实。请先不要置疑,仔细阅读完全文包括里面的连接,你就会恍然大悟。还犹疑什么?赶快进来共同探讨一下吧。

Would you be thrilled to learn that our world today has an endless supply of clean energy? How would you feel if you woke up in the morning to find that you are in perfect health and all ailments are gone? Our world is pollution free. Everyone lives young forever. Whatever we want appears right in front of us. Whatever we don’t want disappears before our eyes. Can you conceive this? When we want to go somewhere, no matter how far it may be, we simply think about it…and we’ll be there. We fly through the skies, dive into the ground, and travel between galaxies. No problem. Am I talking about fairy tales? No. The practical, easy-to-understand Meether concept is already here. If the entire human race works together, this will be a reality in our lifetimes. Please come in and discuss.