Since time is merely a snapshot of any particular Universe, aging can only be attributed to the activity of Meether. If we can reverse the activity of Meether, we can reverse the aging process. If the World Wide Web is a real-time, system-wide, communication structure, then the perfect Meether system can provide us with a real-time, Universe-wide, communication system on different levels.4 We have never picked up a single signal from extraterrestrial intelligence because we are not “plugged in.”5 Matter, from its beginning to its end, is governed by Meether. Meether generates matter when it’s saturated and absorbs matter when it’s under saturated. Once we understand this, the teleportation of matter will be possible. White holes and black holes will not require wormhole connections.6  Meether is space that contains everything; thus we can study Meether anywhere at any time. If we can understand and learn to manipulate Meether, we can control the Universe. Even if the idea of Meether is implemented into our education now, by simply substituting the word vacuum with the word Meether, the speed of technological developments would accelerate far beyond the already fast rate we currently experience. Many supernatural phenomena will appear to be natural and many mysteries will become apparent. For example, the 3D space of Meether is actually dark matter and dark energy.7 Although Meether is not matter, it has mass. And because Meether and matter both have mass, they are attracted to each other through the generation of gravitational force. Take for example, a mother holding the hands of her two children while walking. If the mother is made invisible, it would seem like a mysterious force is keeping the two children together. On the other hand, if the mother is visible, it would appear to be natural.

Meether is not aether—it is the union of an activated body of a mass and energy. Naturally moving objects in space are simply following the flow of Meether just like clouds following the wind. This is why some celestial objects appear to move as erratically as they do. Celestial objects in motion are surrounded by Meether. Light passing through such surrounding Meether travels in its constant speed.8 The constant speed of light gives evidence that matter is moving along with its Meether. In other words, as soon as matter comes into existence, it is accompanied by a “resident” Meether I call Set Meether. All matter has an accompanying Set Meether. It is the space that matter occupies. Two other phenomena provide evidence of Set Meether’s existence. They are turbulence and sonoluminescence.9,10 A pebble, the earth, the solar system, and the galaxy, all have their own respective Set Meethers. However, the magnitude of Meether pressure varies from point to point within the Universe, depending on Set Meether coverage.

What actually appears from nothing in the fourth dimensional space is pure energy. After pure energy is saturated, it becomes Meether. After Meether is saturated, it becomes matter. Meether is pure energy in its lowest state of energy.11 Accordingly, Meether in its highest state of energy is pure energy. Matter is Meether in its lowest state of energy. Thus, matter in its highest state of energy is Meether, which is, in turn, derived from energy. Temperature and Meether pressure are two balancing parameters. In high school physics, we learned that saturation is dependent on pressure and temperature. Pressure is the result of quantity; for a given unit, a greater quantity equates to a greater pressure. Temperature is the result of energy; for a given unit, more energy equates to a higher temperature. Temperature and pressure can be both either increased or decreased together so that the degree of saturation remains constant. However, if they change at different rates, RM will change. With regard to pure energy, however, temperature and pressure are one and the same. By increasing quantity, you are effectively adding pure energy. By raising the temperature, you are also effectively adding pure energy. If they are the same, then how do we tell if pure energy is saturated? Saturation is the ideal condition; everything, including pure energy, strives to maintain balance and remain saturated. If something is unsaturated it would not expand to become even less saturated; only oversaturated pure energy will expand. If pure energy expands then it must be saturated. As it expands, Meether will form, which will also expand. At the same time, expanding Meether will generate matter. Conversely, if pure energy shrinks, it will be under saturated, and Meether will shrink, sucking in matter with it. The rate at which the Universe is expanding is dependent on the rate at which pure energy is acquired in the fourth dimensional space. Matter emerges in infinitesimal quantities. Likewise, when Meether is less than saturated, it will absorb infinitesimal particles. The smaller a free particle, the higher its energy level because it would be closer to being Meether. Thus, the greater the size of matter, the lower its energy level, regardless of temperature in a given situation.

     4 Refer to section “Fundamental Elements and Infinitesimal Particles.”

     5 Meether is such a simple and effective concept, that radio communication should not even have been implemented had we followed nature’s clues.

     6 Once the concept of Meether is clear, it will be understood that black holes cannot form from the overloading of mass. Compared to the mass of the Meether system, the mass of a black hole is nothing. A gravitational collapse due to ousted energy is nonsense. If black holes do indeed exist, they are simply unsaturated Meether absorbing matter. Then it is understood that white holes are over-pressurized Meether ejecting matter into our territory.

     7 Dark energy and dark matter are imperceptible to us yet makes up about 95% of the Universe. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information:

     8 No matter the velocity of the plane of reference, light emitted by source A passing through source B will always be the same speed. Unlike aether, Meether is not matter; there is no such thing as Meether wind. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information:

     9 Once the speed of a flowing body is too high for its Set Meether to govern, turbulence ensues. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information:

     10 Liquid and gas both have Set Meethers. In calm and stable conditions, the Set Meethers of the fluid and air (from bubbles) body are interconnected. However, when the right amount of frequency is introduced, they will be disturbed and come apart temporarily to reveal an unstable vacuum which is unsaturated Meether that is overflowing with pure energy. As soon as pure energy comes in contact with matter, it becomes Secondhand Energy and consequently, light. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information:

     11 The lowest state of energy is expressed as “zero-point energy.” In today’s theory, zero-point energy is a contradicting idea. Quantum mechanics advocates the existence of what is usually called “zero-point” energy.  “Much attention has been given to reputable science suggesting that zero point energy is infinite, but zero point energy is a minimum energy below which a thermodynamic system can never go…” ( With the knowledge of Meether, its definition is clear. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information:


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