The 4D space is a pure energy storage system for a higher dimensional space. Pure energy is deposited through positive time and withdrawn from negative time. We are in a Universe amid other Universes in an endless treasure chest. As a matter of fact, we are part of the treasure. However, it does not belong to us. We may use a little for our survival but we must not abuse this supply, otherwise it may prove to be tragic. Violence, war, and evil stem from the lack of material goods which can be supplied via understanding Meether. If our world is relieved of this deficiency, it will become a Utopia. Meether is everywhere in the Universe, including our bodies. It is responsible for the aging process. If we understand Meether, we will understand everything. And once we have everything, we will realize that we don’t need everything. Meether is potentially extractable and manipulable right from our very environment. Whoever extracts and isolates the Meether will be able to control the Universe. In the right hands, we will see that Meether produces everything, and takes away everything. In the wrong hands, Meether will lead to our destruction. As an air-conditioning mechanic, I merely present my ideas but I leave the method to extract and manipulate the Meether for the whole world to work on together, especially for the scientific community.


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