Let’s make a 4D model. Still using a globe to model, suppose that daylight starts to shimmer at 6AM. A miniscule tornado, stretching from the North to the South Pole is formed at this meridian. It grows as the day progresses while new ones emerge in succession starting from 6AM towards 7AM, 8AM, etc… Because it is daytime, bright and warm air continuously develop the tornado all the way to 6PM, where it begins to become cold and dark. The tornado stops growing, reverses its activity and begins to shrink from 6PM until 6AM, where it disappears. When the sun rises at the 6AM, it reemerges. Basically, these tornados grow in daylight and shrinks in the darkness, in an uninterrupted cycle. If you were to fly a plane within this model from 6AM in the direction opposing and at a speed faster than the globe’s rotation, it would appear that the tornados are growing. If you were to fly a plane in the direction of the earth’s rotation, you would too, observe the growth of the tornados. The result is the same. This is the complete 4D model.

Imagine that the size of every tornado is the same size as their own eyes–so that they are simply the skin of themselves.22 Now think of them as flat planes, without width, that sticks out perpendicular to the surface of the globe (such that every Universe takes up only one point in time). Every tornado is a closed 3D space Universe made of Meether. Both inside and outside of the Universes is pure energy. What defines a tornado is its infinitesimally thin boundary. In daytime, pure energy continuously increases (thus the term positive energy); in night time, pure energy continuously decreases (negative energy). The 6AM meridian is the point in which the Big Bang occurs for every Universe. 6PM is the infinity point in time. The bright and warm atmosphere of the day (positive time) is comprised of positive energy and positive Universes. Similarly, the cold and dark atmosphere of the night (negative time) is comprised of negative energy and negative Universes. At the north and south poles of the globe, time has no meaning because day and night are indistinguishable. Every Universe touches and spirals about its own axis (as tornados do) on these two points. The north and south poles are never at 100% RM (never saturated) due to centrifugal forces resulting from the superimposed spinning Universes. Thus, there is never matter at the two points and it is impossible to travel to another Universe by passing through the poles.

     22 We are using a lower dimensional space to represent a higher dimensional space. It is actually not a skin, it is a plane. A plane only occupies a single point in the time axis. This means that the entire Universe moves through time in a synchronous fashion. It has nothing to do with the speed at which clocks tick. As a matter of fact, how fast a clock is ticking is determined by the Set Meether in which the clock is in. For example, a day seems a lot longer to the youth than to the elderly because the former has a greater Meether pressure.


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