According to the Big Bang Theory, the original point is the point in time when the drop of pure energy exploded into a big bang and the Universe began to expand in 4D space. The Universe was larger in second two than it was in second one. Therefore, fourth dimensional time progresses as the Universe expands. For illustrative purposes, let’s represent time in a closed 2D system of day and night. Within the continuous stream of massless pure energy in 4D space, the Meether expanded to a certain size where the gravitational force associated with its mass began to pull itself away from the original point and travel along time in the positive direction. Like blowing soap bubbles through a ring; once a bubble closes, it flies off. Then another bubble emerges from the original point. If you were to look along the direction of the time axis (X axis),  you would see a chain of closed 3D space Universes made of Meether, continuously expanding and moving away until they reach an infinity point . . . like a Universe production line. In between these parallel Universes lies massless pure energy that cools down to become Meether which, in turn, feed the nearest Universe. Pure energy has no 3D value but does occupy time. In 4D space, the 3D spaces of the Universes are not continuous. 3D space does not make up 4D space—what makes up 4D space is time and pure energy. Thus, matter cannot time travel, yet pure energy can.

It is critical to note here that there is no past, present and future for time travel – like we have imagined. Each Universe progresses along the X axis and expands in the direction of the Z axis and is closed, with only pure energy between them, making travel between them impossible. We cannot pass through the pure energy to go into another Universe that is parallel nor can we pass through the pure energy to go to another point in time (whether forward or backward). Each Universe is closed and there is no way to look at the energy in between them.

Then how does time affect our space? We know that an infinite number of parallel Universes are moving along time. There is a future Universe in front of and a past Universe behind our Universe. They are different, but lie on the same path. As a Universe moves along time, activity transpires. Everything moves in 4D space with the exception of time. Time is fixed and does not move at all–we feel time flying by because we are flying by time. We can say that time is the record of activity for the Universe. Like an infinite movie reel, each frame represents the Universe at a certain “time.”


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