Our Soul

According to previous reasoning, our soul and our Set Meether are one and the same. When our Set Meether pressure drops to zero, it loses its control over our body and our life ends. ImMeether will then vanish as our body decomposes.29 However, this doesn’t mean that our soul is finished. Since our Set Meether is still at 100% RM30, and the local Set Meether is at 100% RM as well, our Set Meether will become one with the surrounding’s. To preserve our 100% RM Set Meether, it must remain within the local Set Meether, such as the Set Meether of the room or house. That being said, if the state of the surrounding local Set Meether changes, for example becomes colder resulting in a RM that marginally exceeds 100%, then our apparition may appear. If our Set Meether (soul) wishes to separate from the local Set Meether, it must first reduce its RM meaning it must purge part of itself. The further our soul moves away, the faster it will travel, the lower its RM will be, and the more it will purge. When our soul leaves the universe, none of it will remain. The traces that are left behind as our soul travels is what I will call “ionic” soul. This marks the end of our soul.

But where does our soul originate? As mentioned in the previous section, our life is created by uniting two points of the highest Meether pressure. Our heredity is the foundation to our soul. Because our life exists at super high Meether pressures, we have to constantly absorb Secondhand Energy to grow.30a The rate of absorptivity is highest particularly during gestation. We grow most rapidly during prenatal development and as we reach full adulthood, we gradually build our soul by absorbing traces of ionic soul in addition to Secondhand Energy. That is why the environment in which we grow significantly affects the characteristics of our soul. The limit of our physical growth as well as our soul growth is determined by the initial intensity of our Meether pressure at conception. This is why given the same environmental conditions, dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years closer to the original life than did human beings. They are physically larger due to a relatively higher Meether pressure associated with their time era. Since this is the natural progression of life, we can conclude that in some million years from now, most land life on earth will be the size of mice.

If you are still not convinced and believe that deep in our soul there is some perpetual element that keeps our soul alive forever, then the only explanation is as follows. If you are birthed, you will die. If you wish to escape from the idea of life and death, then this element has to belong to a higher dimension in which our four dimensional space has no influence over. In turn, this suggests that such an element is completely unaffected by our time and space so they are neither birthed nor will they die. They are omnipotent and are only passing us by. Then why would such a supreme element visit such a humble place? If you cannot see above, you look down. For example, a zoologist travels to the rain forest to stay with a group of gorillas. What is he doing there? Does he want to become the leader of the gorillas? No. Does he want to bring them to the city? No. Does he want to teach them to fish, to build a house, to learn a new language, or to show them ways to improve their lives? No. He wants to study their behavior. Likewise, an omnipotent element’s purpose is to develop a feel for humanity. The zoologist would not attempt to command the gorillas. Then such an element will not attempt to control our soul. Through our entire lifetime, it will most likely not affect us. If it does, it will be a miracle.

     29 Upon death the body’s Set Meether is gone but is still full of saturated Secondhand Energy; the ImMeether remains. It is possible to utilize the remaining ImMeether in a corpse and release this saturated Secondhand Energy in the form of work. Let’s look at the Chinese legend of Western Hunan corpse herding. Countrymen and women who died away from home are traditionally “herded” overnight back to the countryside for burial. The ritual begins in the dark of the night to avoid the Sun’s unsaturated Secondhand Energy from draining away the corpses’ ImMeether. They stand each corpse upright, feet together, in a single file with arms straight out reaching over to the shoulders of the corpse in front for balance. They then hop in line towards their destination. Hopping is the most basic mechanical movement for transportation that can utilized the release of energy. If a mechanical engineer were to design the logistics of this ritual, it would be exactly this. The presence of two living herders, one leading the line, makes this a definite possibility. However, if the bodies belonged to the elderly who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, no matter how seasoned the herder is, he would not be able to move them. In that case it would be more efficient to have some able‐bodied workers haul them home. If we stop rejecting legends as myths, and start locating and inquiring the herders about their procedure, we may just be able to make practical use of the Meether concept. Refer to the follow link for more information: http://www.chinaculture.org/chineseway/2011-12/05/content_426742.htm

     30 There is a distinction between non-organic matter and biotic matter. Non-organic matter are simply concentrations of infinitesimal particles. Life is not. Life develops by absorbing Secondhand Energy. Logically, biotic Set Meether form, grow, and end together with life. It governs the living body over its lifetime. This is also the definition of soul. Life ends when the soul has left the body. The corpse along with any abiotic saturated Secondhand Energy are naturally taken over by the ImMeether. During the ImMeether’s limited presence, it will convert its vessel into organic matter and their respective Set Meether. Simple cremation is a natural chemical process for reducing saturated Secondhand Energy back into unsaturated Secondhand Energy while diminishing ImMeether. Whatever remains is non-organic matter that the body has absorbed over its lifetime.

      30a This growth process is a process from Meether (space) to the body (matter). The two have completely different perceptions of their surroundings; Meether must set up the senses for this body to recognize the surrounding environment. So we have senses like: sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing etc. The final destination where these senses send the information is our Immeether (consciousness). As long as there are good for our body and Setmeether at the time, our Immeether will release the feeling of sweet and delicious when we smell or taste it, and feel comfortable when we see it, hear it, touch it and hope to continue. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and dodge immediately. Because this information transfer is affiliated with Meether, and the scientific community currently knows nothing about Meether, so we still have The Hard Problem of Consciousness unsolved. Now, we can tell that so-called the sixth sense is the message sent by our setMeether (primordial spirit – SOUL).


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