As discussed so far, time and pure energy in 4D space are both positive. So what are negative time, negative energy, and negative Universes? In theory, they are the time, energy, and Universes on other side of the origin in the timeline. When moving along negative time towards the point of infinity, negative Universes appear to be expanding in succession. However, there is only one point of infinity in which both the positive and the negative sides connect (every origin corresponds to exactly one point of infinity). Time is continuous and progresses in one direction, thus a Universe is actually shrinking towards the origin in negative time. If we were able to look from fifth dimensional space down to fourth dimensional space, we would see three dimensional Universes standing in the line, one after another, in a sea of pure energy. We would see Universes emerge and develop from nothing at the origin into infinite size at the point of infinity, and shrink back to nothing at the origin—in a cyclic fashion. In between each individual Universe is pure energy. Pure energy occupies time and can travel back and forth in the timeline. Matter cannot. Matter cannot leave the boundaries of its Universe because:

  1. A Universe is a closed space
  2. Even if matter does escape, pure energy will instantly absorb matter (because pure energy has a RM of 0).


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