Hay Fever

Pollen contains the gametes of plants which possess super high Meether pressures.  During the allergy season, pollen fills the air. When we breathe in pollen, the main consequence is a surge in Meether pressure over one part of the body.  When this happens, the excess Meether pressure constantly absorbs energy from our bodies. Those whose bodies’ natural balance is skewed towards a higher Meether pressure (as opposed to energy) will suffer from ailing lungs and congested sinuses due to the lack of energy. Such a condition will consequently result in a bad night’s sleep. In turn the lack of sleep will disrupt the body’s balance further still, which will weaken their health, in a vicious cycle. After understanding this concept, the solution is simple. One remedy is to fill a hot water bottle with hot water, wrap it in a towel, place it on your bed, and lay on your back with your lungs positioned directly over it. The unsaturated Secondhand Energy from the water will rise into your body to regain balance against the abnormally high level of Meether pressure. If you follow this, not only will you get good sleep, you will also feel revitalized when you wake up in the morning to take on a new day’s challenge. Of course, you must keep yourself warm through the remainder of the allergy season. If you expose your external body to the outside cold on top of exposing your internal body to pollen, there will be no mercy.


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