Since the Universe is expanding, the Meether within has the potential to build up pressure and produce matter at 100% RM. It will also absorb pure energy to dilute itself to stay saturated. This occurs in the same manner as when a strong saltwater solution absorbs distilled water in vacuum.12 Compared to the collision of matter with antimatter, which produces 100% pure energy, nuclear fusion generates less than 10% energy; and nuclear fission less than 2% energy (even more inferior in quality is the energy produced by burning oil, gas, wood, or coal). Moreover, a substantial portion of the resulting energy is radiation and pollution. I call this kind of impure energy Secondhand Energy.13 It is a virus to Meether. Meether will not accept Secondhand Energy. Thus, Meether has no affinity to electromagnetic waves or any form of radiation. For this reason, light can travel lengthy distances unaffected by Meether.

Secondhand Energy is the energy we deal with everyday. They are the remnants found in the material Universe. Secondhand Energy must stay in the material Universe. This gives way to the first law of thermodynamics. Later in this paper, I reason that Secondhand Energy has a maximum speed of the speed of light while pure energy has a minimum speed of “infinity.” What is in between is Meether, and its speed ranges from the speed of light to “infinity.” Pure energy exists without any radiation (think heat without radiation). The part of pure energy absorbed by matter is converted to Secondhand Energy while the part absorbed by Meether is seemingly unaccounted for.14 Like pure energy, Secondhand Energy also goes through a saturation process when it cools down. I call the resulting product of Secondhand Energy ImMeether (as opposed to Meether for pure energy). Because Meether and ImMeether cannot be combined, ImMeether has to form its own system. ImMeether systems are excluded from gravitational, inertial, centrifugal forces, etc.15 Our sun generates Secondhand Energy via nuclear fusion, and when cooled down, becomes an ImMeether system. When ImMeether is saturated and cools down, matter and antimatter are formed.16

When the temperature of the sun rises, the temperature of its Set Meether also rises, prompting a RM drop and absorbing high-energy, infinitesimal particles. This results in a lower temperature to compensate. On the other hand, when the sun’s temperature drops, ImMeether is produced and both ImMeether and Set Meether temperatures drop. Particles and antiparticles will then arise from ImMeether and collide to become pure energy, thereby raising the sun’s temperature as a counterbalance. If the temperature drops rapidly, Meether and ImMeether will discharge particles rapidly. The occurrence of this is especially strong near the surface of the sun, and it forms a very high-heat, pure energy corona.17 As part of the Meether system, Set Meether in the positive territory can only produce positive particles because when temperature rises, it only absorbs positive particles. However, the ImMeether system will produce both positive and negative particles. The two opposites collide and form pure energy, bypassing the Meether process. Because pure energy naturally introduces heat, it keeps the sun’s temperature from dipping too low.

Radiation is emitted from light sources such as stars, and reradiated from celestial entities such as planets and space rocks. Radiation retards over distance and is ultimately dissipated by Meether. This is why entropy (heat) is dependent on time.18 Where there is light, there is heat. In a constant endeavor for equilibrium, areas where there is a lack of light will be cooler, will have a higher Meether pressure, and will have distributed more matter (from Meether). Since stars are the products of accumulating mass, when they are birthed, the subsequent shortages of mass in their immediate surroundings result in positive Meether pressures that generate matter. But as thermal energy is emitted from a developing star, the surrounding Meether pressure drops and matter ceases to spawn in order to conserve resources. Light is therefore the vehicle of entropy for the Universe and is the reason why the Universe is largely uniform throughout.

     12 As in absorption refrigeration. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information: and

     13 This impure energy is produced by and can only rely on mass. Once mass disappears, it will too disappear as a wave would without water.

     14 In lab experiments, when particles and anti-particles collide, it is understood that a large percentage of the energy produced is lost. Current explanations state that it is carried away by neutrinos. It is actually absorbed by Meether. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information:

     15 Ball lightning is most likely the remains of an ImMeether system left over by lightning in very special circumstances. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information: and

     16 This is why there are so few anti-particles. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information:

     17 The center of the sun is estimated at 15 million Kelvin, 6 thousand Kelvin surface. Corona is 3 million Kelvin. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information: and

     18 Entropy has a time arrow because Meether is constantly dissipating Secondhand Energy, like the ocean constantly dissipating waves. But we all know that ocean waters cannot be as calm as a mirror. This is why we have cosmic microwave background radiation. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information:


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