Suppose intelligence from a higher dimension came to study our Universe. As they dig into this infinite-sized space, they will eventually reach a level of perception in which they see clusters and super clusters. The structures of these clusters are very loose but their basic elements—namely galaxies—are relatively solid. The elements that make up individual galaxies are much closer to each other than are galaxies to one another, thus their Set Meethers are stronger. As our foreigners dig into the next “level”, they will observe that the structure of a galaxy is loose, yet their basic elements such as stars and planets are very solid. Again, the elements that make up stars and planets are much closer; their Set Meethers are stronger. As our foreigners venture into the next level and observe stars and planets, they will find that molecules and atoms are very loose. Yet, their basic elements (nuclei) are solid, and so the forces of their Set Meethers are stronger. Deeper still, within atomic nuclei, our foreigners will see protons and neutrons, which are fixed in place by Set Meether by what we know as strong force. In fact, the distance separating any two objects is determined by their Set Meethers; the shorter the distance, the stronger the influence of Set Meethers. Air and water molecules, atoms within molecules, and quarks in nuclei, all have their positions fixed relative to each other. According to the Meether criterion, the lower the temperature, the lower the energy, the higher the RM, the greater the Meether pressure as well as the force of the Set Meether. In subsequent levels of fundamental elements, they will find even stronger forces. Eventually, the foreigners would dig an infinite number of “levels” and will be able to study infinitesimal-sized particles. Like flipping through the pages of a book, infinity is attainable to those of higher dimensions, albeit only a concept to us. Therefore it would be unreasonable for us to attempt such an investigation. As long as we understand the pattern we will have the framework to manipulate Meether to produce what we need and absorb what we do not.


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