The Author

老 刘师傅本来就是老粗一个,几年前看了一套关于宇宙的电视节目 ,观看间就提出了几个问题。首先,能量根本就是没有体积的,既然质能等价,为什么宇宙的起源还要弄个不能解释的奇点出来呢?第二,能量是怎样变成物质的 呢,这个过程是怎样的?第三,夹在质和能之间的三维空间又是什么呢?其实在这些问题刚提出的时候,师傅脑子里就朦胧地有了个端倪。这端倪是来自几十年前师 傅读书所修的数学专业残留下那一点点根深蒂固的基本概念,再加上几十年来跟空调系统打交道中每天都碰到的饱和状态现象。既然这些问题现在都还没有答案,师 傅就决定把这个朦胧的端倪整理出来,于是开始收集资料。由于整理的这些都是全新的概念,所以有必要根据自然规律通过逻辑推理做一些大胆的假设然后找证据给 它支持或者把它推翻。很凑巧地,竟然还真有这种支持的证据让师傅给找着了。本来一两个凑巧是巧合,但要是所有的问题都能凑巧的话就不是巧合了。各位看官读 到(注释)或者(证据)时切莫跳过,请稍留片刻到楼下去把它看了,尤其是里面的网络连接。它们才是本文的精髓,没有它们本文就成了胡说八道的一纸空文。在 这里特别鸣谢那些公开资讯的连接网站。这个概念就象一道通往大自然奥秘的大门,通过它我们可以找到自然界中那些现象用今天的科学无法解析的答案,而且看起 来是那么简单明了。然而,科学是严谨的,要证明一个全新的理论必须经历大量严格的科学检验。老刘师傅才疏学浅老粗一个,只能把这个朦胧的端倪发表出来让各 方面的朋友,各界的专家和精英拍些个板砖,给它个千锤百炼。希望真的可以炼造出一个对人类有用的东东来。

Master Liu is not a physicist, only an HVAC technician for close to three decades. Although my occupation is not academic in nature, I spend a lot of time working on this theory about the origins of The Universe.

A few years ago, while watching a television series on cosmology, I raised a couple of questions. First of all, if energy does not exhibit 3D volume, then what is the purpose of having an unexplainable singularity point to represent the beginning of the Universe? Secondly, through what process does energy become matter? Lastly, since energy and matter are equal, what is the 3D space in-between the two? While I pondered these questions, I revived an old idea that I had loosely developed decades ago while studying mathematics at university (I was able to retain a few basic concepts from what I had learned at university. In addition, my years of servicing air conditioning granted me experience with the concept of saturation). Since these questions had no answers yet, I decided to expound this fuzzy idea. I began to collect information.

Since I am clarifying a brand new theory, I figured that it was necessary to hypothesize based on the laws of nature and logical reasoning. I found evidence to support such hypotheses. Strokes of luck normally occur as isolated instances, but when everything went the way of my findings, I refused give credit to luck. However, science is conscientious and careful. To prove a new theory, there must be much scientific support. I am only a thinker and cannot do this, but I can publish my findings as vague ideas so scientists and experts of all fields can elaborate on them. I hope that my work will prove valuable and constructive for humankind.

Again, I am not a physicist, nor is English my first language, so you will understand that this paper is a diamond in the rough. My hope is that both the experienced physicist and the layperson would read this paper and understand it, so at times I present definitions and examples of basic concepts so that the reader can easily follow along. I want to give special thanks to the publicly available websites and their respective authors. I have footnoted them throughout the paper so that you, too, can follow the train of thought.