Human Body

Let’s use the human body as a model. The pressure of our body’s Set Meether is much higher than the pressure of an inanimate object’s Set Meether. This is why the Hutchison experiments were harmless to the human body yet were able to physically manipulate massive objects. How high our Set Meether’s pressure determines the longevity of our lives. The greater the amount of unsaturated Secondhand Energy absorbed by our bodies, the more rapidly Meether pressure drops. The lower the pressure, the closer a living body is to death. For this reason, people in warmer climates generally have shorter life spans than those residing in colder climates. We know that the younger a life, the closer it is to the original life, and the higher its Meether pressure. When someone is young, their Meether pressure is high, and needs to absorb more Secondhand Energy such as sunlight to facilitate their growth. The color of their hair is dark. As their age progresses, their Meether pressure gradually drops and their hair becomes white. The human body holds an ImMeether system (this is why ball lightning can go through walls but not through a living thing). Our body’s ImMeether system is formed when we absorb unsaturated energy. Typically, our ImMeether system is unsustainable, but our body’s Set Meether provides it support. At the same time, our ImMeether system safeguards our Set Meether by preventing unsaturated Secondhand Energy from draining our Meether pressure. Our ImMeether system stores saturated Secondhand Energy and releases them as needed to keep our bodies animated. The balance of our ImMeether system determines our health.28 The ImMeether system and the Set Meether of our bodies are dependent on each other. If one of them faces trouble, so does the other. Mental fatigue suggests an off-balanced Set Meether. Physical fatigue suggests an off-balance ImMeether. Mental vigor represents the balance of the human body’s Set Meether. A loss of such stability calls for sleep. Physical vitality represents the balance of the human body’s ImMeether. A loss of it calls for rest. The ImMeether system of the human body is produced from outside-in, but a ball lightning’s and the sun’s ImMeether systems are produced from inside-out, hence the two ImMeether systems are opposites of each other in this regard.

Consider the arrangement of the human anatomy. The man is governed by the Earth’s Set Meether. Because Secondhand Energy (including the energy inside the body) flow in the opposite direction of gravity (heat rises), the organs which consume the most energy are the lungs and the heart. Arranged in an umbrella-shaped configuration at the top of the torso, the lungs absorb rising energy generated by the body, sharing it only with the heart. Above the torso is the brain, which is the center of the body’s Set Meether. Only saturated energy that rises past the lungs and heart can supply the brain for the production of mental vigor.

A person suffering from a fever must lie down to get better. In this position, the excess Secondhand Energy expels from the body through the torso, without having to flow past the upper torso or brain. On the other hand, a person suffering from a cold must be in positioned upright in order to supply rising energy to the upper torso.

The lower torso is where energy is least concentrated and where Meether pressure is highest. The excretory and reproductive systems are located here. The sex organs have the highest Meether pressure in the entire body. Thus the unity of the two results in the conception of a child, whose Meether pressure is super high. A normal birth occurs with the newborn’s head positioned downwards because its Meether pressure is highest there.

There are good reasons as to why the human anatomy is arranged in such a way. No wonder only standing humans are able to craft such intricate civilizations.

     28 As the Meether pressure diminishes and nears zero, the control of the Meether over one’s body weakens, and age-related diseases will begin to surface. In addition, if an imbalance occurs between the two Meether counterparts then the onset of Alzheimer’s disease is the result of low levels of Set Meether while Parkinson’s disease arises due to low levels of ImMeether. To cure such diseases, one’s Meether pressure must be revamped. If Meether pressure is restored, one’s body will gradually recover its youth and vigor, and age-related diseases will naturally withdraw. Refer to the follow link for more information:


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