Based on the preceding examples regarding the law of nature regarding RH, we can now further discuss the Big Bang theory. An explosion caused the pure energy to expand. In turn, the expansion caused the pure energy to cool. At this time matter had yet to form, but the pure energy exhibited mass content, which I will call relative mass (RM). I call this pure energy with RM, “massilized energy aether”, or Meether. Meether with 0% RM is simply pure energy. Pure energy does not exhibit 3D value; Meether has 3D value due to the presence of mass. Meether appears as a vacuum state 3D space.1 As Meether emerges, the Universe emerges. Before the saturation point, there is no matter. Meether is undetectable as matter.  Past the saturation point, matter (+) formed in pairs with antimatter (-). This was the beginning of the Universe and the beginning of three dimensional volume. Before the presence of Meether, the Universe did not exist. Accordingly, Meether is the Universe. Meether serves as the first step in the change from pure energy to matter; space must be generated before matter can be formed. Once this vacuum state 3D space is established, the formation of gas, liquids and solids is possible. After the RM of Meether reaches 100%, Meether pressure begins to develop (when RM is 100%, Meether pressure is 0; when RM less than 100%, Meether pressure is negative; if RM is over 100%, Meether pressure is positive. Positive pressure produces matter, while negative pressure absorbs matter). Matter then emerges in pairs of matter and antimatter particles.

To better understand matter and antimatter, we need to reflect on the positive and the negative attributes of nature. The planets have days and nights, magnetic systems have north poles and south poles, electrical systems have positives and negatives. In these systems the positives/negatives and the north/south poles appear on opposite sides. If you merge the two opposing ends, you would eliminate the opposition. Likewise, if a pair of matter and antimatter particles is joined as they part from Meether, they would annihilate and vanish before they emerge. Thus, the behavior (including the initial locations and directions) of matter and antimatter particles must be different as they separate from the Meether system.

Due to the relatively small size of a young Universe, opposing particles quickly find each other and collide into the void. Such explosions add to the ongoing pure energy explosions of the Big Bang. In addition, they return matter and antimatter to pure energy which dilutes the Meether.2 The collisions and explosions of matter and antimatter persist while the Universe expands. However these collisions will cease as the Universe expands and reaches a certain size. As far as our observations are concerned in our Universe, the speed of light is absolute and matter and antimatter cannot travel faster than light. When the Universe expands to a size in which light cannot easily travel across, matter and antimatter will remain separated in their own territories while the Universe continues to expand.

     1 Vacuum state is not all empty… “According to present-day understanding of what is called the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum, it is ‘by no means a simple empty space’, and again: ‘it is a mistake to think of any physical vacuum as some absolutely empty void.’ According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence…In the laboratory; it may be detected as the Casimir effect. In physical cosmology, the energy of the vacuum state appears as the cosmological constant.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_state)

     2 In lab experiments, when particles and anti-particles collide, it is understood that a large percentage of the energy produced is lost. Current explanations state that it is carried away by neutrinos. It is actually absorbed by Meether. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimatter#Fuel


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