Our Universe is only one of the infinitely many Universes in the fourth dimension. The Universe begins and ends but time continues. The logic behind the current Big Bang theory is as follows: Because a singularity point is blown up, we have 4D space. Because space is expanding, the energy is cooled down. When energy is cooled down, it becomes matter.

Indeed, the explanation should be rephrased as follows: Because pure energy appears and continuously increases, expands, and cools down, it produces Meether (thus 3D space) which also continuously increases, expands, and cools down. Continuously expanding Meether results in the formation of matter.23 Since Meether makes up the Universe, the Universe is continuously expanding. The Universe is and has always been gradually expanding and there was never a sudden explosion as we have thought. Any “bangs” would be the collision of matter and antimatter, which was relatively frequent when the Universe was young, minute, and with an RM greater than 100%. After a certain size, particles and anti-particles in their respective territories were too distant to collide with each other. Explosions ceased and the Dark Age of the Universe began.24 Eventually, the spread of particles gathered together to form the very first star. Because the star is composed of Secondhand Energy, light is emitted and the Universe is, once again, lit.

Once the Universe goes beyond the infinity point in 4D, expansion stops. Slowly, the Universe enters negative time. Pure energy reduces in negative time and the activity of the Meether system reverses. Logically, pure energy is constantly decreasing in negative time, and as a result, is always under-saturated. Consequently, pure energy continuously absorbs Meether, reducing the RM. In order to stay balanced and saturated, Meether absorbs particles until all matter and antimatter is gone followed by the shrinking of the Universe so to equalize its saturation. In the end, unsaturated pure energy sucks up all Meether, and Secondhand Energy will disappear with it. All particles disappear, followed by Meether, and finally pure energy.

     23 At this point of our discussion, we can say that matter is the byproduct of pure energy as it changes into Meether when Meether pressure rises too high.

     24 According to recent studies, the dark ages of the Universe took place from 400,000 years to 400,000,000 years after the birth of the Universe. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information. http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/300/5627/1904 and http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/CMB_Timeline75.jpg


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