Source of Life

From the same reasoning still, lightning bolts intersect to create ball lightning (an ImMeether system). Because lightning is rapidly cooled Secondhand Energy, they disappear almost instantly. Therefore, such Secondhand Energy must be saturated. However, a ball lightning cannot subsist for long because it is not self-sustainable. Although its surroundings are filled with Secondhand Energy, the energy is not saturated. If several ball lightnings gather together and get zapped by a lightning bolt, they will compress into a special ball lightning. This special ImMeether system will have a super high Meether pressure. As unsaturated Secondhand Energy shoots through this special ImMeether system, its speed will suddenly drop, it will saturate, be absorbed, and will finally cool down and produce matter with super high-pressure Set Meether. This is the model of life. I will call this special ball lightning “MimMeether.” However, only when this phenomenon occurs in a life sustaining environment would life prosper (i.e., on Earth but not on the Sun).

MimMeether produce positive and negative particles. However, in our positive territory, as negative particles surface, they collide and disappear. The left over positive particles absorb surrounding unsaturated Secondhand Energy and grow due to the super high Meether pressure of their Set Meethers. I call this original life; however, this process is very low-level and is unsustainable. The Meether pressure of the original life is the greatest in the chain of life forms. Absorbing unsaturated Secondhand Energy will drop Meether pressure and when it reaches zero, it will stop growing and life will become the dead. While Meether pressure is still high, unsaturated Secondhand Energy gets absorbed, become saturated, and is stored as an ImMeether system. This saturated Secondhand Energy is then released as needed in order to preserve life. Therefore, within any living body there exists an ImMeether system; all biological energy is saturated Secondhand Energy. The formation of life is simply the result of the interactions of Set Meethers with ImMeethers. It does not require intelligent design nor are they random occurrences.27 Even so, up to a certain level of life form, simply absorbing unsaturated Secondhand Energy is not enough; they must absorb lower-level life form to advance (like consuming food in the food chain). As this “food chain” hierarchy goes up, Meether pressure goes down. Likewise, an organism of the same level has a higher Meether pressure when young and a lower Meether pressure when old. At this point, the original MimMeether exists no longer—if life is to continue to develop, lower life forms must sacrifice themselves. This is the basis of maternal love. Matter produces Secondhand Energy. In turn, Secondhand Energy produces life. Hence, both matter and Secondhand Energy must have prior existence to life. This is why life has instinct.

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