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By: Shao Ming Liu, Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Master Liu is not a physicist, only an HVAC technician for close to three decades. Although my occupation is not academic in nature, I spend a lot of time working on this theory about the origins of The Universe.

A few years ago, while watching a television series on cosmology, I raised a couple of questions. First of all, if energy does not exhibit 3D volume, then what is the purpose of having an unexplainable singularity point to represent the beginning of the Universe? Secondly, through what process does energy become matter? Lastly, since energy and matter are equal, what is the 3D space in-between the two? While I pondered these questions, I revived an old idea that I had loosely developed decades ago while studying mathematics at university (I was able to retain a few basic concepts from what I had learned at university. In addition, my years of servicing air conditioning granted me experience with the concept of saturation). Since these questions had no answers yet, I decided to expound this fuzzy idea. I began to collect information.

Since I am clarifying a brand new theory, I figured that it was necessary to hypothesize based on the laws of nature and logical reasoning. I found evidence to support such hypotheses. Strokes of luck normally occur as isolated instances, but when everything went the way of my findings, I refused give credit to luck. However, science is conscientious and careful. To prove a new theory, there must be much scientific support. I am only a thinker and cannot do this, but I can publish my findings as vague ideas so scientists and experts of all fields can elaborate on them. I hope that my work will prove valuable and constructive for humankind.

Again, I am not a physicist, nor is English my first language, so you will understand that this paper is a diamond in the rough. My hope is that both the experienced physicist and the layperson would read this paper and understand it, so at times I present definitions and examples of basic concepts so that the reader can easily follow along. I want to give special thanks to the publicly available websites and their respective authors. I have footnoted them throughout the paper so that you, too, can follow the train of thought.


The Big Bang model of the Universe is well established in cosmology, however, little is known about the earliest moments of the Universe’s history. Understanding this earliest of eras in the history of the Universe is currently one of the greatest unsolved problems in physics.

This paper attempts to provide an explanation of what occurred during the earliest moments of–and even before–the Universe’s origin. It will also provide an explanation of how the Universe will end. In the course of providing these three explanations, it presents updated definitions of dark matter and dark energy, as well as an explanation of how gravity works, where they are currently incomplete or untenable, hopefully solving some of our biggest mysteries.

The paper will introduce new theories on:

  • exactly what zero-point energy is in vacuum state
  • a path to achieve superconductivity at room temperature
  • reversing the aging process
  • why magnetic fields exist around electric charges
  • why the corona of the Sun is so much hotter than the Sun’s surface
  • how life first came to being
  • negative time using an old theory of multiple Universes, which is distinct from multiverse

It will identify how the equation, E=mc2, is actualized by describing the process of transforming energy into matter and vice versa. In addition, introduce a newly defined substance called Meether and explain how Meether is responsible for the wave-particle postulate, aging, a new unlimited source of energy, amongst other things.


The Big Bang theory is rooted in the red shift phenomenon. To explain red shift, consider the dispersion of light through a prism. The reason why white light separates into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet bands of lights is because each color in the visible spectrum has a different wavelength, with violet being the shortest and red being the longest. A red shift of an illuminated object occurs when its observed wavelength is shifted towards the red side of the visible spectrum from its actual wavelength, making it appear longer and, thus, redder. In other words, the lit object is moving away from the observer.

Most objects that we see in space have a red shift. The further away the object is, the greater the red shift. The red shift phenomenon suggests that the Universe is expanding. We know that our Universe is expanding because distant stars and galaxies show redshift corresponding to the rate of increase of their distance from Earth. Therefore everything must have been closer together in the past. If we continue to extrapolate the phenomenon of redshift backwards in time, then our Universe must have begun from a single point.

Before the Universe, there was neither space nor time. The Universe is space and time. That is, 3D space plus time equals our Universe. In mathematics, we study N dimensional space. With N being a variable that can represent any number, studying our 4D Universe is rather trivial. We understand that if 3D space is our current space, then 2D space is a plane, and 1D space is a line. So, then what is 0-D space? A point. The 0-D space is considered the origin of the X, Y, Z coordinate system. In the absolute first moment of the Universe, when it existed only as an infinitely small point in space, it was in the zeroth-dimension or 0-D space.

We live in a closed, infinite, three dimensional space. The idea of a closed space can be visualized by choosing a point (original point) on the earth and then having two airplanes from this point leave trails in opposing directions. When they crash head-on into each other on the other side of the planet connecting the two trails, we can say that this combined trail is closed (or the 1D space is closed). A ring is a closed, finite, one dimensional space. If we incorporate the idea of infinity, then the point where the two planes collide is the infinity point in relation to the original point. An axis, positive or negative, that begins from the origin has only one infinity point. If we change the first dimension to the second dimension in this case, the ring becomes the surface of the earth. The original and the infinity points in 2D space are same as the ones in 1D space. We can comprehend the same for 3D space, but we cannot visualize it due to the limitation of our existing in 3D space. This limitation only allows us to comprehend an open 3D space—the most we can fully grasp is a closed, finite, 2D space. So, to study a closed 3-or-higher dimensional space, it is necessary to represent it with a simpler, closed, finite, 2D space to see the whole picture.

When the Big Bang occurred out of the zeroth- dimension, three dimensional space was produced. How did this occur?  According to the Big Bang theory, there was no time and no space before the Universe came into existence. There was only the zeroth dimension–a single point of pure energy.1 An explosion caused the pure energy to expand; it was larger in second two than it was in second one. Therefore, fourth dimensional time progresses as the Universe expands.  In turn, the expansion caused the pure energy to cool. Pure energy has no 3D value so it is not erroneous to consider a point as pure energy. Then this energy began to change into matter. It is not magic. A story is hidden within the word “change” because nothing appears without a logical process. This transformational process exists.  This process must follow a law of nature. What is the law of nature in this case?


In order to aid the explanation of the process of transforming energy into matter it is best to first review a couple of analogous models which incorporates a law of nature. Consider these examples:

1.     How does the liquid state of a rain drop emerge from the gaseous state of air? The ability of air to absorb water is relative humidity (RH). The lower the RH, the greater its ability to absorb water. When the RH is 0%, air has no water molecules and its ability to absorb water is at its greatest. Any water around will be absorbed very quickly. When RH of the air is 100%, it is saturated. Saturated air cannot absorb any more water. Before air is saturated, water molecules exist only in their gaseous state. At this time, the water is part of the air; water and air are of the same body. If the temperature of the saturated air drops, raising the RH to 100%, excess water will be expelled from the air to form a visible cloud or fog that is separate from the air. As the mist thickens, rain droplets will develop and precipitate into rivers and streams. If the RH of the air drops again due to a temperature rise, the air will absorb the mist and even water on the ground. This example illustrates two processes; one in which air and water are one and the same (RH between 0% and 100%), and one in which water is separated from the air (water content in excess of 100%).

2.     How does salt, which is in a solid state, appear in water, which is in a liquid state? If salt is introduced to a bowl of pure distilled water, the salt content of the solution will increase. Once the water is saturated, it cannot absorb any more salt and no matter how much salt is added thereafter, its salinity will remain the same. If you pour the saturated salt water solution into a pot (leaving behind the crystals) and then heat up the pot, the solution’s saturation point will drop and it will be able to absorb more salt as it is added. The saturation point will shift based on temperature. If you then pour the hot saturated salt water solution into a new empty bowl and allow it to cool, you will see salt crystals appearing in the bowl. The cooler the water becomes, the more crystals will form. At this point, the salt water solution is still saturated because the salt content in the solution exceeds its saturation point capacity. This is the way salt crystals are produced. However, if the solution is not saturated it will absorb salt.

From the past two examples, we can see that things strive to keep their balance and remain saturated. Saturation is naturally an ideal condition. Let’s examine a final example: the refrigerant cycle in a closed refrigeration system.

3.     A compressor converts a low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant gas into a high-pressure, high-temperature gas. In the high-pressure side of the system, air or water is used to absorb heat from the refrigerant. When the temperature of the refrigerant drops to its high-pressure saturation point, the refrigerant becomes saturated and liquid begins to form in the gas. As heat continues to be carried away, the liquid content in this part of the system will increase. During this phase, the temperature remains fixed and the refrigerant remains in its saturation point. The heat that is given off by the refrigerant during this process is called the latent heat. Once all the gas becomes liquid, the temperature of the refrigerant will begin to drop again. Then this high-pressure, ambient-temperature liquid is impelled into the low-pressure side of the system. In the low-pressure side, the temperature of the refrigerant’s saturation point is much lower than the surroundings that are to be cooled. The saturated liquid refrigerant will then absorb latent heat from the surroundings which will turn the refrigerant into a gas at a fixed temperature. When it becomes entirely gas, it will be compressed once again in the compressor.

Each of the preceding examples demonstrates physical reactions.


Based on the preceding examples regarding the law of nature regarding RH, we can now further discuss the Big Bang theory. An explosion caused the pure energy to expand. In turn, the expansion caused the pure energy to cool. At this time matter had yet to form, but the pure energy exhibited mass content, which I will call relative mass (RM). I call this pure energy with RM, “massilized energy aether”, or Meether. Meether with 0% RM is simply pure energy. Pure energy does not exhibit 3D value; Meether has 3D value due to the presence of mass. Meether appears as a vacuum state 3D space.2 As Meether emerges, the Universe emerges. Before the saturation point, there is no matter. Meether is undetectable as matter.  Past the saturation point, matter (+) formed in pairs with antimatter (-). This was the beginning of the Universe and the beginning of three dimensional volume. Before the presence of Meether, the Universe did not exist. Accordingly, Meether is the Universe. Meether serves as the first step in the change from pure energy to matter; space must be generated before matter can be formed. Once this vacuum state 3D space is established, the formation of gas, liquids and solids is possible. After the RM of Meether reaches 100%, Meether pressure begins to develop (when RM is 100%, Meether pressure is 0; when RM less than 100%, Meether pressure is negative; if RM is over 100%, Meether pressure is positive. Positive pressure produces matter, while negative pressure absorbs matter). Matter then emerges in pairs of matter and antimatter particles.

To better understand matter and antimatter, we need to reflect on the positive and the negative attributes of nature. The planets have days and nights, magnetic systems have north poles and south poles, electrical systems have positives and negatives. In these systems the positives/negatives and the north/south poles appear on opposite sides. If you merge the two opposing ends, you would eliminate the opposition. Likewise, if a pair of matter and antimatter particles is joined as they part from Meether, they would annihilate and vanish before they emerge. Thus, the behavior (including the initial locations and directions) of matter and antimatter particles must be different as they separate from the Meether system.

Due to the relatively small size of a young Universe, opposing particles quickly find each other and collide into the void. Such explosions add to the ongoing pure energy explosions of the Big Bang. In addition, they return matter and antimatter to pure energy which dilutes the Meether.3 The collisions and explosions of matter and antimatter persist while the Universe expands. However these collisions will cease as the Universe expands and reaches a certain size. As far as our observations are concerned in our Universe, the speed of light is absolute and matter and antimatter cannot travel faster than light. When the Universe expands to a size in which light cannot easily travel across, matter and antimatter will remain separated in their own territories while the Universe continues to expand.


Where do the territories of matter and antimatter reside in The Universe?

Because matter (+) and antimatter (-) are opposites, they behave in a contradictory fashion. I theorize that the direction in which they travel and the territories of the Universe in which they reside are opposite. This can be demonstrated graphically using the Cartesian coordinate system in 2D space where quadrant I contains all matter (+,+) and quadrant III contains all anti-matter (−,−). Accordingly, in 1D space there are two districts: positive (+) and negative (-). Additionally, 3D space is divided into eight districts which is represented by +++, —, ++-, –+, +–, -+-, +-+, and -++. The +++ district is the designated territory for matter. Likewise, the — district is the designated territory for antimatter. The rest are mixed territories.

One way to visualize this is using a closed, finite, 2D space. Supposed the sun is shining at a right angle to the axis of the earth. We assign the North Pole as the original point, the X axis as the ring circling the 9AM and 9PM meridians, and the Y axis as the ring circling the 3AM and 3PM meridians. Suppose that daytime (9AM to 3PM) represents the positive territory, nighttime (9PM to 3AM) corresponds to the negative territory, while everywhere else is designated as the mixed territories centered at the 6AM and 6PM marks. The 6AM and 6PM marks are the twilight zones at which day and night is unclear. Particles that come from the twilight zone are indistinguishable in terms of polarity, akin to the midpoint of a bar magnet. The North and South poles are the only two points that are common to all hours. The matter territory and the antimatter territory meet at these two points but nothing will ever be produced at here.4

I further hypothesize that Meether discharges matter and antimatter in different directions. Quadrants II (−,+) and IV (+,−) contain a mixture of wandering matter and wandering anti-matter until the quantity of each build to the point where they migrate to their appropriate quadrant.  If by chance, wandering matter or antimatter drifts into a quadrant and collides with its opposite, they will explode. Since the speed limit of the Universe is the speed of light, the limit to the size of the Universe is the size large enough in which a unit of matter and a unit of antimatter cannot easily collide, although traveling at the speed of light. Because the Universe has expanded so much and continues to expand the probability of collision is very small.

A universe consisting mainly of positive matter is incomplete. It must have negatives. It must balance. Meether’s singular system consists of matter (+) and anti-matter (-).They appear in the same way that we understand how batteries and magnets work. Matter and anti-matter do not appear side by side the same way the positive and negative charges of a battery and the north and south poles of a magnet do not appear side by side. These items are polar opposites.  These are singular systems that incorporate equal and opposite subsystems in order to provide balance and work appropriately.  When one puts two separate and distinct pieces of a magnet together (each with their own north and south poles), the joining creates a larger magnet and is one system with only one set of north and south poles – not two sets despite the joining of two magnets. Meether is one system too.


According to the Big Bang Theory, the original point is the point in time when the drop of pure energy exploded into a big bang and the Universe began to expand in 4D space. The Universe was larger in second two than it was in second one. Therefore, fourth dimensional time progresses as the Universe expands. For illustrative purposes, let’s represent time in a closed 2D system of day and night. Within the continuous stream of massless pure energy in 4D space, the Meether expanded to a certain size where the gravitational force associated with its mass began to pull itself away from the original point and travel along time in the positive direction. Like blowing soap bubbles through a ring; once a bubble closes, it flies off. Then another bubble emerges from the original point. If you were to look along the direction of the time axis (X axis),  you would see a chain of closed 3D space Universes made of Meether, continuously expanding and moving away until they reach an infinity point . . . like a Universe production line. In between these parallel Universes lies massless pure energy that cools down to become Meether which, in turn, feed the nearest Universe. Pure energy has no 3D value but does occupy time. In 4D space, the 3D spaces of the Universes are not continuous. 3D space does not make up 4D space—what makes up 4D space is time and pure energy. Thus, matter cannot time travel, yet pure energy can.

It is critical to note here that there is no past, present and future for time travel – like we have imagined. Each Universe progresses along the X axis and expands in the direction of the Z axis and is closed, with only pure energy between them, making travel between them impossible. We cannot pass through the pure energy to go into another Universe that is parallel nor can we pass through the pure energy to go to another point in time (whether forward or backward). Each Universe is closed and there is no way to look at the energy in between them.

Then how does time affect our space? We know that an infinite number of parallel Universes are moving along time. There is a future Universe in front of and a past Universe behind our Universe. They are different, but lie on the same path. As a Universe moves along time, activity transpires. Everything moves in 4D space with the exception of time. Time is fixed and does not move at all–we feel time flying by because we are flying by time. We can say that time is the record of activity for the Universe. Like an infinite movie reel, each frame represents the Universe at a certain “time.”


Since time is merely a snapshot of any particular Universe, aging can only be attributed to the activity of Meether. If we can reverse the activity of Meether, we can reverse the aging process. If the World Wide Web is a real-time, system-wide, communication structure, then the perfect Meether system can provide us with a real-time, Universe-wide, communication system on different levels.5 We have never picked up a single signal from extraterrestrial intelligence because we are not “plugged in.”6 Matter, from its beginning to its end, is governed by Meether. Meether generates matter when it’s saturated and absorbs matter when it’s under saturated. Once we understand this, the teleportation of matter will be possible. White holes and black holes will not require wormhole connections.7  Meether is space that contains everything; thus we can study Meether anywhere at any time. If we can understand and learn to manipulate Meether, we can control the Universe. Even if the idea of Meether is implemented into our education now, by simply substituting the word vacuum with the word Meether, the speed of technological developments would accelerate far beyond the already fast rate we currently experience. Many supernatural phenomena will appear to be natural and many mysteries will become apparent. For example, the 3D space of Meether is actually dark matter and dark energy.8 Although Meether is not matter, it has mass. And because Meether and matter both have mass, they are attracted to each other through the generation of gravitational force. Take for example, a mother holding the hands of her two children while walking. If the mother is made invisible, it would seem like a mysterious force is keeping the two children together. On the other hand, if the mother is visible, it would appear to be natural.

Meether is not aether—it is the union of an activated body of a mass and energy. Naturally moving objects in space are simply following the flow of Meether just like clouds following the wind. This is why some celestial objects appear to move as erratically as they do. Celestial objects in motion are surrounded by Meether. Light passing through such surrounding Meether travels in its constant speed.9 The constant speed of light gives evidence that matter is moving along with its Meether. In other words, as soon as matter comes into existence, it is accompanied by a “resident” Meether I call Set Meether. All matter has an accompanying Set Meether. It is the space that matter occupies. Two other phenomena provide evidence of Set Meether’s existence. They are turbulence and sonoluminescence.10,11 A pebble, the earth, the solar system, and the galaxy, all have their own respective Set Meethers. However, the magnitude of Meether pressure varies from point to point within the Universe, depending on Set Meether coverage.

What actually appears from nothing in the fourth dimensional space is pure energy. After pure energy is saturated, it becomes Meether. After Meether is saturated, it becomes matter. Meether is pure energy in its lowest state of energy.12 Accordingly, Meether in its highest state of energy is pure energy. Matter is Meether in its lowest state of energy. Thus, matter in its highest state of energy is Meether, which is, in turn, derived from energy. Temperature and Meether pressure are two balancing parameters. In high school physics, we learned that saturation is dependent on pressure and temperature. Pressure is the result of quantity; for a given unit, a greater quantity equates to a greater pressure. Temperature is the result of energy; for a given unit, more energy equates to a higher temperature. Temperature and pressure can be both either increased or decreased together so that the degree of saturation remains constant. However, if they change at different rates, RM will change. With regard to pure energy, however, temperature and pressure are one and the same. By increasing quantity, you are effectively adding pure energy. By raising the temperature, you are also effectively adding pure energy. If they are the same, then how do we tell if pure energy is saturated? Saturation is the ideal condition; everything, including pure energy, strives to maintain balance and remain saturated. If something is unsaturated it would not expand to become even less saturated; only oversaturated pure energy will expand. If pure energy expands then it must be saturated. As it expands, Meether will form, which will also expand. At the same time, expanding Meether will generate matter. Conversely, if pure energy shrinks, it will be under saturated, and Meether will shrink, sucking in matter with it. The rate at which the Universe is expanding is dependent on the rate at which pure energy is acquired in the fourth dimensional space. Matter emerges in infinitesimal quantities. Likewise, when Meether is less than saturated, it will absorb infinitesimal particles. The smaller a free particle, the higher its energy level because it would be closer to being Meether. Thus, the greater the size of matter, the lower its energy level, regardless of temperature in a given situation.


Since the Universe is expanding, the Meether within has the potential to build up pressure and produce matter at 100% RM. It will also absorb pure energy to dilute itself to stay saturated. This occurs in the same manner as when a strong saltwater solution absorbs distilled water in vacuum.13 Compared to the collision of matter with antimatter, which produces 100% pure energy, nuclear fusion generates less than 10% energy; and nuclear fission less than 2% energy (even more inferior in quality is the energy produced by burning oil, gas, wood, or coal). Moreover, a substantial portion of the resulting energy is radiation and pollution. I call this kind of impure energy Secondhand Energy.14 It is a virus to Meether. Meether will not accept Secondhand Energy. Thus, Meether has no affinity to electromagnetic waves or any form of radiation. For this reason, light can travel lengthy distances unaffected by Meether.

Secondhand Energy is the energy we deal with everyday. They are the remnants found in the material Universe. Secondhand Energy must stay in the material Universe. This gives way to the first law of thermodynamics. Later in this paper, I reason that Secondhand Energy has a maximum speed of the speed of light while pure energy has a minimum speed of “infinity.” What is in between is Meether, and its speed ranges from the speed of light to “infinity.” Pure energy exists without any radiation (think heat without radiation). The part of pure energy absorbed by matter is converted to Secondhand Energy while the part absorbed by Meether is seemingly unaccounted for.3 Like pure energy, Secondhand Energy also goes through a saturation process when it cools down. I call the resulting product of Secondhand Energy ImMeether (as opposed to Meether for pure energy). Because Meether and ImMeether cannot be combined, ImMeether has to form its own system. ImMeether systems are excluded from gravitational, inertial, centrifugal forces, etc.15 Our sun generates Secondhand Energy via nuclear fusion, and when cooled down, becomes an ImMeether system. When ImMeether is saturated and cools down, matter and antimatter are formed.16

When the temperature of the sun rises, the temperature of its Set Meether also rises, prompting a RM drop and absorbing high-energy, infinitesimal particles. This results in a lower temperature to compensate. On the other hand, when the sun’s temperature drops, ImMeether is produced and both ImMeether and Set Meether temperatures drop. Particles and antiparticles will then arise from ImMeether and collide to become pure energy, thereby raising the sun’s temperature as a counterbalance. If the temperature drops rapidly, Meether and ImMeether will discharge particles rapidly. The occurrence of this is especially strong near the surface of the sun, and it forms a very high-heat, pure energy corona.17 As part of the Meether system, Set Meether in the positive territory can only produce positive particles because when temperature rises, it only absorbs positive particles. However, the ImMeether system will produce both positive and negative particles. The two opposites collide and form pure energy, bypassing the Meether process. Because pure energy naturally introduces heat, it keeps the sun’s temperature from dipping too low.

Radiation is emitted from light sources such as stars, and reradiated from celestial entities such as planets and space rocks. Radiation retards over distance and is ultimately dissipated by Meether. This is why entropy (heat) is dependent on time.18 Where there is light, there is heat. In a constant endeavor for equilibrium, areas where there is a lack of light will be cooler, will have a higher Meether pressure, and will have distributed more matter (from Meether). Since stars are the products of accumulating mass, when they are birthed, the subsequent shortages of mass in their immediate surroundings result in positive Meether pressures that generate matter. But as thermal energy is emitted from a developing star, the surrounding Meether pressure drops and matter ceases to spawn in order to conserve resources. Light is therefore the vehicle of entropy for the Universe and is the reason why the Universe is largely uniform throughout.


A free particle’s energy level is dependent on two types of energy—its thermal energy (temperature), and its kinetic energy (velocity relative to nearby Meether). First, let’s discuss a free particle’s thermal energy. The greater the number of free infinitesimal particles present, the higher the energy level, and vice versa. Nuclear fission is essentially the freeing of such infinitesimal particles, which accounts for the loss of mass and the formation of energy. If energy is further pumped into an infinitesimal particle until its size reduces to zero, the particle becomes Meether. Matter’s highest energy level is Meether. Wherever there is matter in the Universe, there exist such infinitesimal particles. These particles are simply saturated Meether, and exhibit greater mass than surrounding Meether. For a given region of saturated Meether at equilibrium, a rise in RM (i.e. a temperature drop), infinitesimal particles will form (condense) evenly throughout. Conversely, if the pure energy level (temperature) rises, such particles will disappear. By this rationale, if pure energy stays constant, there will be neither a formation nor a disappearance of particles. Because we are in the positive territory and because our Universe is constantly expanding, it follows that positive particles are constantly being produced due to the growing quantity of Meether as a result of the cooling of pure energy.19

Meether, specifically Set Meether, is responsible for the force of gravity “pulling” matter together. The Universe is a body of Meether. As a body, it has to hold itself together; Meether at every point of the Universe is collectively responsible for this force of sticking together. Because Set Meethers are part of the Meether system and represent the matter in which they govern, they contribute to the force that brings the Universe together. Because particles are more massive than the Meether around them, the force applied on each other must be stronger than that of their surrounding Meethers. Thus, as clustering matter accumulate in size, gravitational forces build up and Secondhand Energy is released.20 All particles, regardless of size, are associated with their own Set Meethers. When two or more particles come together, the Set Meethers of each join to form a “government.” As more and more particles come together, larger governments are created.20a Think of the Set Meether of an infinitesimal particle as a village government; the union of two Set Meethers as a county government; the further union of these Set Meethers as state governments; and even larger, federal governments, and so forth. The upper limit of such a Meether government is the entire Meether system  . . . The Universe.

As these particle clusters grow with increasing densities, the coalescing Set Meethers get stronger. In addition to gravity, this applies to all other invisible forces, i.e. acceleration, nuclear forces, centrifugal forces, etc. How strong a given force is depends on the Meether pressure and temperature of the associated matter; the greater the Meether pressure or the lower the temperature, the greater the force. We already understand that superconductivity arises when a conductor’s temperature drops close to absolute zero. This critical point varies with different conductors of different Meether pressures. At this point, the force applied to the conductor is great enough to limit particle movement and, in addition, lines them up in such a way so that there are paths for electrons to freely flow through. If we can increase the Meether pressure of the conductor high enough at a fixed temperature, the resulting force will also create paths for electrons. Thus, conductors can act as superconductors at higher temperatures if we can manipulate their Meether pressures. How does Meether have this ability? Because Meether is a space cooled down from pure energy—and space must be stable.

If you were to resist any of the aforementioned forces, you must reduce the Meether pressure of the Set Meether or increase its temperature. If you can reduce an object’s Meether pressure while keeping its temperature fixed, you will be able to witness solid becoming liquid, and liquid becoming gas—without any change in temperature. The object would have then lost its gravitational properties, and would ultimately disappear.21 In positive time, however, the most natural way is to replenish its lost energy, i.e., introduce heat. As temperature rises, solids naturally melt to liquid, liquids evaporate to gas, the establishment of the Set Meether disintegrates, and the RM of Meether drops. Once it dips below the saturation point, particles begin to convert into Meether. On the other hand, particles form as temperature decreases. During these exchanges, total mass remains constant. That is, although Meether is always saturated, it is more massive at higher temperatures and less massive at lower temperatures. Unsaturated Meether is less massive than its saturated state. For that reason, the mass of vacuum is dependent on temperature. When a ray of light passes through regions of vacuum of different masses, the speed of this ray also changes. This explains the phenomenon of gravitational lenses. The same concept applies for mirages.

Now, let’s talk about a free particle’s kinetic energy. The speed of light is the speed limit within the material Universe. As matter is first produced from Meether, it exists as a group of infinitesimal particles traveling at the speed of light. Gradually, such infinitesimal particles unite to form clusters of larger particles. Such merging causes them to slow down and release energy.20 On the other hand, if energy is put into a baryon so as to speed it up, it would split up into separate smaller particles. As the speeds of these separate particles approach the speed of light, the amount of divided particles approach infinity while their sizes approach infinitesimal. When a particle reaches the speed of light, its size becomes infinitesimal. If energy is further added to speed it up, it will become Meether and disappear. In other words, the speed of light is the maximum speed of particles and is also the minimum speed of Meether. The higher the speed of Meether, the lower its RM. Once the RM decreases to 0%, its speed is “infinity.” For the same reason, saturated pure energy has a speed of “infinity” and unsaturated pure energy has a top speed of “Infinity Squared.” This point is easy to understand because when the RM is 0%, Meether is pure energy. Pure energy can travel back and forth along time in the fourth dimension (refer to the section “Positive and Negative”). This means that the speed within the Universe is inconsequential to pure energy. The Universe only occupies a single point in 4D space. In addition, if pure energy is used as a medium for information, not only will we be able communicate more easily within our Universe, we will be able to communicate with future and past Universes–even with negative time.


Suppose intelligence from a higher dimension came to study our Universe. As they dig into this infinite-sized space, they will eventually reach a level of perception in which they see clusters and super clusters. The structures of these clusters are very loose but their basic elements—namely galaxies—are relatively solid. The elements that make up individual galaxies are much closer to each other than are galaxies to one another, thus their Set Meethers are stronger. As our foreigners dig into the next “level”, they will observe that the structure of a galaxy is loose, yet their basic elements such as stars and planets are very solid. Again, the elements that make up stars and planets are much closer; their Set Meethers are stronger. As our foreigners venture into the next level and observe stars and planets, they will find that molecules and atoms are very loose. Yet, their basic elements (nuclei) are solid, and so the forces of their Set Meethers are stronger. Deeper still, within atomic nuclei, our foreigners will see protons and neutrons, which are fixed in place by Set Meether by what we know as strong force. In fact, the distance separating any two objects is determined by their Set Meethers; the shorter the distance, the stronger the influence of Set Meethers. Air and water molecules, atoms within molecules, and quarks in nuclei, all have their positions fixed relative to each other. According to the Meether criterion, the lower the temperature, the lower the energy, the higher the RM, the greater the Meether pressure as well as the force of the Set Meether. In subsequent levels of fundamental elements, they will find even stronger forces. Eventually, the foreigners would dig an infinite number of “levels” and will be able to study infinitesimal-sized particles. Like flipping through the pages of a book, infinity is attainable to those of higher dimensions, albeit only a concept to us. Therefore it would be unreasonable for us to attempt such an investigation. As long as we understand the pattern we will have the framework to manipulate Meether to produce what we need and absorb what we do not.


As discussed so far, time and pure energy in 4D space are both positive. So what are negative time, negative energy, and negative Universes? In theory, they are the time, energy, and Universes on other side of the origin in the timeline. When moving along negative time towards the point of infinity, negative Universes appear to be expanding in succession. However, there is only one point of infinity in which both the positive and the negative sides connect (every origin corresponds to exactly one point of infinity). Time is continuous and progresses in one direction, thus a Universe is actually shrinking towards the origin in negative time. If we were able to look from fifth dimensional space down to fourth dimensional space, we would see three dimensional Universes standing in the line, one after another, in a sea of pure energy. We would see Universes emerge and develop from nothing at the origin into infinite size at the point of infinity, and shrink back to nothing at the origin—in a cyclic fashion. In between each individual Universe is pure energy. Pure energy occupies time and can travel back and forth in the timeline. Matter cannot. Matter cannot leave the boundaries of its Universe because:

  1. A Universe is a closed space
  2. Even if matter does escape, pure energy will instantly absorb matter (because pure energy has a RM of 0).


Let’s make a 4D model. Still using a globe to model, suppose that daylight starts to shimmer at 6AM. A miniscule tornado, stretching from the North to the South Pole is formed at this meridian. It grows as the day progresses while new ones emerge in succession starting from 6AM towards 7AM, 8AM, etc… Because it is daytime, bright and warm air continuously develop the tornado all the way to 6PM, where it begins to become cold and dark. The tornado stops growing, reverses its activity and begins to shrink from 6PM until 6AM, where it disappears. When the sun rises at the 6AM, it reemerges. Basically, these tornados grow in daylight and shrinks in the darkness, in an uninterrupted cycle. If you were to fly a plane within this model from 6AM in the direction opposing and at a speed faster than the globe’s rotation, it would appear that the tornados are growing. If you were to fly a plane in the direction of the earth’s rotation, you would too, observe the growth of the tornados. The result is the same. This is the complete 4D model.

Imagine that the size of every tornado is the same size as their own eyes–so that they are simply the skin of themselves.22 Now think of them as flat planes, without width, that sticks out perpendicular to the surface of the globe (such that every Universe takes up only one point in time). Every tornado is a closed 3D space Universe made of Meether. Both inside and outside of the Universes is pure energy. What defines a tornado is its infinitesimally thin boundary. In daytime, pure energy continuously increases (thus the term positive energy); in night time, pure energy continuously decreases (negative energy). The 6AM meridian is the point in which the Big Bang occurs for every Universe. 6PM is the infinity point in time. The bright and warm atmosphere of the day (positive time) is comprised of positive energy and positive Universes. Similarly, the cold and dark atmosphere of the night (negative time) is comprised of negative energy and negative Universes. At the north and south poles of the globe, time has no meaning because day and night are indistinguishable. Every Universe touches and spirals about its own axis (as tornados do) on these two points. The north and south poles are never at 100% RM (never saturated) due to centrifugal forces resulting from the superimposed spinning Universes. Thus, there is never matter at the two points and it is impossible to travel to another Universe by passing through the poles.


Our Universe is only one of the infinitely many Universes in the fourth dimension. The Universe begins and ends but time continues. The logic behind the current Big Bang theory is as follows: Because a singularity point is blown up, we have 4D space. Because space is expanding, the energy is cooled down. When energy is cooled down, it becomes matter.

Indeed, the explanation should be rephrased as follows: Because pure energy appears and continuously increases, expands, and cools down, it produces Meether (thus 3D space) which also continuously increases, expands, and cools down. Continuously expanding Meether results in the formation of matter.23 Since Meether makes up the Universe, the Universe is continuously expanding. The Universe is and has always been gradually expanding and there was never a sudden explosion as we have thought. Any “bangs” would be the collision of matter and antimatter, which was relatively frequent when the Universe was young, minute, and with an RM greater than 100%. After a certain size, particles and anti-particles in their respective territories were too distant to collide with each other. Explosions ceased and the Dark Age of the Universe began.24 Eventually, the spread of particles gathered together to form the very first star. Because the star is composed of Secondhand Energy, light is emitted and the Universe is, once again, lit.

Once the Universe goes beyond the infinity point in 4D, expansion stops. Slowly, the Universe enters negative time. Pure energy reduces in negative time and the activity of the Meether system reverses. Logically, pure energy is constantly decreasing in negative time, and as a result, is always under-saturated. Consequently, pure energy continuously absorbs Meether, reducing the RM. In order to stay balanced and saturated, Meether absorbs particles until all matter and antimatter is gone followed by the shrinking of the Universe so to equalize its saturation. In the end, unsaturated pure energy sucks up all Meether, and Secondhand Energy will disappear with it. All particles disappear, followed by Meether, and finally pure energy.


The 4D space is a pure energy storage system for a higher dimensional space. Pure energy is deposited through positive time and withdrawn from negative time. We are in a Universe amid other Universes in an endless treasure chest. As a matter of fact, we are part of the treasure. However, it does not belong to us. We may use a little for our survival but we must not abuse this supply, otherwise it may prove to be tragic. Violence, war, and evil stem from the lack of material goods which can be supplied via understanding Meether. If our world is relieved of this deficiency, it will become a Utopia. Meether is everywhere in the Universe, including our bodies. It is responsible for the aging process. If we understand Meether, we will understand everything. And once we have everything, we will realize that we don’t need everything. Meether is potentially extractable and manipulable right from our very environment. Whoever extracts and isolates the Meether will be able to control the Universe. In the right hands, we will see that Meether produces everything, and takes away everything. In the wrong hands, Meether will lead to our destruction. As an air-conditioning mechanic, I merely present my ideas but I leave the method to extract and manipulate the Meether for the whole world to work on together, especially for the scientific community.


The first step is always the hardest. The concept of Meether is in very early stages of development. The following are some fundamental reasoning which will hopefully give us a new direction.

The Moon

Since Meether is constantly moving, celestial objects should always be in spin. Then why does the moon never appear to revolve, as viewed from the Earth? Because the moon was once a part of the Earth, separated but unable to break free from the Earth’s Set Meether. This is why the moon revolves with respect to the Earth. If the moon relieved from the influence of the Earth’s Set Meether, it will without a doubt spin.

Cross Intersection

We have previously discussed that the speed of light is the maximum speed at which particles can move. It is also the minimum speed of saturated Meether. This means that the speed of light is the borderline speed between matter and Meether. Meether’s maximum speed is “infinity”—I’ll call this speed “Infinity Speed.” “Infinity Speed” is also the minimum speed of saturated pure energy and is therefore the borderline speed between Meether and pure energy. We can call the maximum speed of unsaturated pure energy “Infinity Squared.25

If two beams of saturated Meether intersect, Meether pressure would be high at the point of intersection and an abundance of matter and Secondhand Energy would be generated. The yield would assume a formation of a disk along the plane formed by the two beams as well as a jet along the normal of the plane at the intersection. The result is a spectacular 3D phenomenon, what we understand as an accretion disk jet.26 The point of intersection of the two beams generates matter which would be immediately subjected to the force of gravity as well as an opposing centrifugal force. As matter revolves around the center point, those that have lost energy and gained Meether pressure are pushed deeper into orbit by centrifugal forces, while newer high-energy, low-pressure formations remain closer to the center, in a disk formation. Besides matter, this reaction also produces Secondhand Energy that is unaffected by the two preceding forces. Matter is locked in the planar orbit while generated Secondhand Energy is free to wander. Secondhand Energy will dissipate mainly along the path normal to the plane at the center of the disk forming a jet (because it is the shortest route from the center point and exhibits minimal resistance). After the beams disappear, the remaining rotating disk will have a center of minimal RM. If an intersection of two beams were to occur at an angle of 180 degrees (straight line, head-on collision), the pressure at the point of collision would get so high that Meether would expel high pressure particles in the Meether zone. These particles can thus exist in Meether below 100% RM or they can exist in ultra light-speed. Moreover, if a beam of saturated pure energy shoots through the Universe and hits matter, it would immediately turn the matter into Meether and Secondhand Energy.

Taking the same reasoning to fourth dimensional space, if two beams of saturated pure energy at “Infinity Speed” intersect, the result is a 3D Meether space—a newborn Universe. The difference between the product of Meether and the product of pure energy is that the former occurs in unrestricted space but the latter has no surrounding 3D space to accommodate—it only has room for self-expansion. If a beam of saturated pure energy is shot through such a newborn Universe, a portion of it would decelerate and become Meether that would remain in the Universe. The entry point of the beam (into the Universe) will turn into Meether that is the polar opposite of the Meether at the exit point of the beam (out of the Universe), resulting in polar opposite matter. This model is based on a closed, 3D space, so Meether cannot escape, with two exceptions. The first way would be a beam of unsaturated pure energy shooting into the Universe and speeding up the Meether in its path, which would turn the Meether into pure energy (as speeds exceeding “infinity”). The other way would simply be matter and antimatter coming together to form pure energy. ImMeether itself is a closed system, thus ImMeether cannot escape itself. However, the particles that ImMeether produces can. For a given ImMeether system, the amount of ImMeether traveling away from the system (away from the center) and the amount traveling towards the system (away from its boundaries towards the center) are equal. Thus, when ImMeether cools down and saturates, matter and antimatter are formed.

Source of Life

From the same reasoning still, lightning bolts intersect to create ball lightning (an ImMeether system). Because lightning is rapidly cooled Secondhand Energy, they disappear almost instantly. Therefore, such Secondhand Energy must be saturated. However, a ball lightning cannot subsist for long because it is not self-sustainable. Although its surroundings are filled with Secondhand Energy, the energy is not saturated. If several ball lightnings gather together and get zapped by a lightning bolt, they will compress into a special ball lightning. This special ImMeether system will have a super high Meether pressure. As unsaturated Secondhand Energy shoots through this special ImMeether system, its speed will suddenly drop, it will saturate, be absorbed, and will finally cool down and produce matter with super high-pressure Set Meether. This is the model of life. I will call this special ball lightning “MimMeether.” However, only when this phenomenon occurs in a life sustaining environment would life prosper (i.e., on Earth but not on the Sun).

MimMeether produce positive and negative particles. However, in our positive territory, as negative particles surface, they collide and disappear. The left over positive particles absorb surrounding unsaturated Secondhand Energy and grow due to the super high Meether pressure of their Set Meethers. I call this original life; however, this process is very low-level and is unsustainable. The Meether pressure of the original life is the greatest in the chain of life forms. Absorbing unsaturated Secondhand Energy will drop Meether pressure and when it reaches zero, it will stop growing and life will become the dead. While Meether pressure is still high, unsaturated Secondhand Energy gets absorbed, become saturated, and is stored as an ImMeether system. This saturated Secondhand Energy is then released as needed in order to preserve life. Therefore, within any living body there exists an ImMeether system; all biological energy is saturated Secondhand Energy. The formation of life is simply the result of the interactions of Set Meethers with ImMeethers. It does not require intelligent design nor are they random occurrences.27 Even so, up to a certain level of life form, simply absorbing unsaturated Secondhand Energy is not enough; they must absorb lower-level life form to advance (like consuming food in the food chain). As this “food chain” hierarchy goes up, Meether pressure goes down. Likewise, an organism of the same level has a higher Meether pressure when young and a lower Meether pressure when old. At this point, the original MimMeether exists no longer—if life is to continue to develop, lower life forms must sacrifice themselves. This is the basis of maternal love. Matter produces Secondhand Energy. In turn, Secondhand Energy produces life. Hence, both matter and Secondhand Energy must have prior existence to life. This is why life has instinct.

Human Body

Let’s use the human body as a model. The pressure of our body’s Set Meether is much higher than the pressure of an inanimate object’s Set Meether. This is why the Hutchison experiments were harmless to the human body yet were able to physically manipulate massive objects. How high our Set Meether’s pressure determines the longevity of our lives. The greater the amount of unsaturated Secondhand Energy absorbed by our bodies, the more rapidly Meether pressure drops. The lower the pressure, the closer a living body is to death. For this reason, people in warmer climates generally have shorter life spans than those residing in colder climates. We know that the younger a life, the closer it is to the original life, and the higher its Meether pressure. When someone is young, their Meether pressure is high, and needs to absorb more Secondhand Energy such as sunlight to facilitate their growth. The color of their hair is dark. As their age progresses, their Meether pressure gradually drops and their hair becomes white. The human body holds an ImMeether system (this is why ball lightning can go through walls but not through a living thing). Our body’s ImMeether system is formed when we absorb unsaturated energy. Typically, our ImMeether system is unsustainable, but our body’s Set Meether provides it support. At the same time, our ImMeether system safeguards our Set Meether by preventing unsaturated Secondhand Energy from draining our Meether pressure. Our ImMeether system stores saturated Secondhand Energy and releases them as needed to keep our bodies animated. The balance of our ImMeether system determines our health.28 The ImMeether system and the Set Meether of our bodies are dependent on each other. If one of them faces trouble, so does the other. Mental fatigue suggests an off-balanced Set Meether. Physical fatigue suggests an off-balance ImMeether. Mental vigor represents the balance of the human body’s Set Meether. A loss of such stability calls for sleep. Physical vitality represents the balance of the human body’s ImMeether. A loss of it calls for rest. The ImMeether system of the human body is produced from outside-in, but a ball lightning’s and the sun’s ImMeether systems are produced from inside-out, hence the two ImMeether systems are opposites of each other in this regard.

Consider the arrangement of the human anatomy. The man is governed by the Earth’s Set Meether. Because Secondhand Energy (including the energy inside the body) flow in the opposite direction of gravity (heat rises), the organs which consume the most energy are the lungs and the heart. Arranged in an umbrella-shaped configuration at the top of the torso, the lungs absorb rising energy generated by the body, sharing it only with the heart. Above the torso is the brain, which is the center of the body’s Set Meether. Only saturated energy that rises past the lungs and heart can supply the brain for the production of mental vigor.

A person suffering from a fever must lie down to get better. In this position, the excess Secondhand Energy expels from the body through the torso, without having to flow past the upper torso or brain. On the other hand, a person suffering from a cold must be in positioned upright in order to supply rising energy to the upper torso.

The lower torso is where energy is least concentrated and where Meether pressure is highest. The excretory and reproductive systems are located here. The sex organs have the highest Meether pressure in the entire body. Thus the unity of the two results in the conception of a child, whose Meether pressure is super high. A normal birth occurs with the newborn’s head positioned downwards because its Meether pressure is highest there.

There are good reasons as to why the human anatomy is arranged in such a way. No wonder only standing humans are able to craft such intricate civilizations.

Our Soul

According to previous reasoning, our soul and our Set Meether are one and the same. When our Set Meether pressure drops to zero, it loses its control over our body and our life ends. ImMeether will then vanish as our body decomposes.29 However, this doesn’t mean that our soul is finished. Since our Set Meether is still at 100% RM30, and the local Set Meether is at 100% RM as well, our Set Meether will become one with the surrounding’s. To preserve our 100% RM Set Meether, it must remain within the local Set Meether, such as the Set Meether of the room or house. That being said, if the state of the surrounding local Set Meether changes, for example becomes colder resulting in a RM that marginally exceeds 100%, then our apparition may appear. If our Set Meether (soul) wishes to separate from the local Set Meether, it must first reduce its RM meaning it must purge part of itself. The further our soul moves away, the faster it will travel, the lower its RM will be, and the more it will purge. When our soul leaves the universe, none of it will remain. The traces that are left behind as our soul travels is what I will call “ionic” soul. This marks the end of our soul.

But where does our soul originate? As mentioned in the previous section, our life is created by uniting two points of the highest Meether pressure. Our heredity is the foundation to our soul. Because our life exists at super high Meether pressures, we have to constantly absorb Secondhand Energy to grow. The rate of absorptivity is highest particularly during gestation. We grow most rapidly during prenatal development and as we reach full adulthood, we gradually build our soul by absorbing traces of ionic soul in addition to Secondhand Energy. That is why the environment in which we grow significantly affects the characteristics of our soul. The limit of our physical growth as well as our soul growth is determined by the initial intensity of our Meether pressure at conception. This is why given the same environmental conditions, dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years closer to the original life than did human beings. They are physically larger due to a relatively higher Meether pressure associated with their time era. Since this is the natural progression of life, we can conclude that in some million years from now, most land life on earth will be the size of mice.

If you are still not convinced and believe that deep in our soul there is some perpetual element that keeps our soul alive forever, then the only explanation is as follows. If you are birthed, you will die. If you wish to escape from the idea of life and death, then this element has to belong to a higher dimension in which our four dimensional space has no influence over. In turn, this suggests that such an element is completely unaffected by our time and space so they are neither birthed nor will they die. They are omnipotent and are only passing us by. Then why would such a supreme element visit such a humble place? If you cannot see above, you look down. For example, a zoologist travels to the rain forest to stay with a group of gorillas. What is he doing there? Does he want to become the leader of the gorillas? No. Does he want to bring them to the city? No. Does he want to teach them to fish, to build a house, to learn a new language, or to show them ways to improve their lives? No. He wants to study their behavior. Likewise, an omnipotent element’s purpose is to develop a feel for humanity. The zoologist would not attempt to command the gorillas. Then such an element will not attempt to control our soul. Through our entire lifetime, it will most likely not affect us. If it does, it will be a miracle.

Hay Fever

Pollen contains the gametes of plants which possess super high Meether pressures.  During the allergy season, pollen fills the air. When we breathe in pollen, the main consequence is a surge in Meether pressure over one part of the body.  When this happens, the excess Meether pressure constantly absorbs energy from our bodies. Those whose bodies’ natural balance is skewed towards a higher Meether pressure (as opposed to energy) will suffer from ailing lungs and congested sinuses due to the lack of energy. Such a condition will consequently result in a bad night’s sleep. In turn the lack of sleep will disrupt the body’s balance further still, which will weaken their health, in a vicious cycle. After understanding this concept, the solution is simple. One remedy is to fill a hot water bottle with hot water, wrap it in a towel, place it on your bed, and lay on your back with your lungs positioned directly over it. The unsaturated Secondhand Energy from the water will rise into your body to regain balance against the abnormally high level of Meether pressure. If you follow this, not only will you get good sleep, you will also feel revitalized when you wake up in the morning to take on a new day’s challenge. Of course, you must keep yourself warm through the remainder of the allergy season. If you expose your external body to the outside cold on top of exposing your internal body to pollen, there will be no mercy.

Wave-Particle Duality and Electromagnetic Radiation

Because Secondhand Energy is produced by matter, its maximum speed is the speed of light. The only particles that travel at the speed of light are infinitesimal. By theory, infinitesimal particles can scatter like light. Since infinitesimal particles travel in borderline speed between matter and Meether, they exist interchangeably as one or the other. For this reason, light exists as both waves and particles. This is also the case for electrons. If you mix a whole bunch of Secondhand Energy together, you can potentially create a signal that propagates faster than the speed of light. When this signal passes through an object, it will speed up the Set Meether of this object and thereby lowering its RM to below 100%. Then the Hutchison Effect can be observed.

Now let’s talk about electromagnetic radiation. The electron is derived from Secondhand Energy through ImMeether. We already know that electrons always travel at the speed of light, regardless of spin or direction. Thus, the energy levels of electrons approach that of Meether. In turn, responses from Meether to any changes brought by electric charges, including movement, are apparent. The responses of Meether stabilize the changes of electric charges so that the positive time can efficiently store pure energy. This response is magnetism.31 Since the speed of Meether is always greater than the speed of light, and thus electrons, there will always be an immediate Meether response to electrical changes.32

Let’s look at the subject from a quantum perspective. If we apply the left and right hand rules to two electrons, side by side, traveling in the same direction, we can agree that they will be attracted by magnetic force and come together. If the electrons travel past each other in opposite directions, the magnetic force will repel the two. This explains why electromagnetic waves will only transmit from a radio antenna above a certain frequency.  An electron trail travels up and down a radio antenna. When the trail reaches a high enough frequency, there will be electrons simultaneously traveling both upward and downward, especially at the tip of the antenna. The opposing paths of electrons will repel each other in the perpendicular direction. Thus, electromagnetic transmission occurs only above a certain frequency beginning at the tip of the antenna, along a plane perpendicular to it. If visualized from above, rings of electrons emit from the antenna at alternating concentrations with time. During a radio transmission, Meether responds by sandwiching the electron-plane with two layers of magnetic waves, thick at the points of high electron concentration, thin at low electron concentration, and broken at zero electron concentration. This is the wave-particle duality postulate. There is always a slight angle between transmitting electrons from an antenna. As they spread out over a distance, their magnetic fields will split every electron to fill in the space in between.  For example, take three adjacent electrons A, B, and C, from the ring of electron emission. As the three spread out, the magnetic forces around A and C, will pull apart B. Thus, as electrons travel away   from an antenna, they will double along the way many times until each particle is infinitesimally sized. A linear perspective of this subject would appear more natural.

We all understand that temperature is the result of molecular movement. A solid object at room temperature consists of rapidly vibrating molecules in all directions, as are their electrons. Thus, they will generate magnetic wave radiation. Because radiation results from random vibration, uniform or straight-line radiation is impossible.33 Thus, electrons traveling along the same axis generate magnetic waves that affect each other.

For electromagnetic waves, we already know that the higher its frequency, the higher its energy content. Likewise, the lower its frequency, the lower its energy. This energy is Secondhand Energy. In the Meether concept, we know that when matter is produced, Secondhand Energy emerges along with it.  We also know that matter first appears as an infinitesimal particle traveling at the speed of light. The kinetic energy of an infinitesimal particle at its earliest state is the purest and highest form of Secondhand Energy and has no electric charge. Then they gradually combine to form larger particles, slow down, cool down, and release this Secondhand Energy. The Secondhand Energy will eventually become ImMeether and electric charge. Such is the process of Secondhand Energy “cooling” as electric charge forms from 0% to 100%. Therefore, the lower the frequency of an electromagnetic wave, the lower its energy state, and the greater its inductance. Similarly, the higher its frequency, the higher its energy state, and the lower its inductance. This is why we have a high efficiency for low frequency electromagnetic wave application, e.g. telegrams, radios, TV, cell phones. Although the high frequency light waves are defined as electrically neutral photons, they in fact have electric charges­­ at minimal levels.

The electromagnetic radiation of matter is simply the particles within a body of matter pushing the energy of each other away and releasing from the body. As a matter of fact, this phenomenon occurs as soon as the first two infinitesimal particles unite, which is the progression of the universe in positive time.

Isaac Newton, Daniel Bernoulli, and Natural Interaction

Out of the many interactions of nature, we will talk about a few that interests us the most in this section. We already understand that Meether is always moving faster than the speed of light, including when it passes through matter. As Meether passes through matter, it does not affect the body of mass directly, but it will have an effect on its own kind, namely the body’s Set Meether. Like a man walking his dog, a body of mass and its Set Meether never leaves each other. Suppose that a body of mass is represented by the dog while its Set Meether is represented by the owner. If either attempts to stray away, it would have to pull the other along. Natural movement is defined as the case when Set Meether is taking the lead while traveling harmoniously with the body of which it governs; like a dog walking beside its owner on a slack leash. During natural movement, matter does not experience any forces or tugs by its Set Meether. But if for any reason the two do not move in sync, then the body of mass will be subjected to a force due to this disparity. Unnatural movement is defined as the case when matter takes the lead in motion. If an outside force accelerates a body of mass, the body will drag its Set Meether along and thus experience a force. This is inertial force.

The pressure at any given point is equal in all directions within a stagnant body of fluid. If the body of fluid is in motion, the pressure forces at the front of the moving fluid will increase and the forces along its sides will decrease. The faster it travels, the lower the pressure on its sides. This principle was established by Bernoulli hundreds of years ago and still serves as a basis for the lift forces generated by airfoils today, among others. As discussed earlier, a body’s Set Meether is constantly in motion at a speed faster than light. Because a Set Meether encircles a body of mass, this motion can only be a rotational spin. When a liquid spins, a vortex is created. When a gas spins, a cyclone is created. What about Meether? Let’s use the Sun as an example. The Sun’s saturated Set Meether is most intense within our solar system. Within this constantly circling body of Meether, it is obvious that the motion becomes progressively faster towards the center of the Sun. Thus, the Set Meether of a particle within this flowing body of Meether experiences greater motion on its side facing the Sun than does its side facing the opposite direction. Indeed, Meether produces a force directed towards the center of the Sun. This is the concept of gravity. My god, the key that Newton had been looking for centuries ago had been hung by Bernoulli decades later on that very same apple tree! Now as we look at it from a new angle, it is as clear as day. And because Meether’s top speed is infinity, the Sun’s unsaturated Set Meether can reach infinite distance, though with infinitesimal influence.

Recalling a story told by my high school physics teacher: A ferry service once refused to negotiate with the labor union, whose workers were on strike. To keep the service running, a battleship crew were appointed to operate the ferries. However, this battleship crew had no experience maneuvering ferries and thus did not get the proper approach angle nor speed while docking the smaller vessels. The result was ferries colliding on their sides with the terminals at speed and knocking everyone on board to the floor. What went wrong? When a ship sails close to and parallel with a dock, the flow of the water in between would rapidly speed up and generate a low pressure region while pressure on the opposite side remains constant, which in turn forces the ship to collide with the dock. By the same token, when two quarks, with Set Meethers spinning in opposite directions, get close enough together, the “flow” between their respective Set Meethers speeds up. This increased motion is followed by an attractive force between the centers of mass of the quarks. The accelerating force is the greatest right before the centers of their Set Meethers converge. Then as the two Set Meethers pass each other, another “low pressure” flow is created between them which pulls them back. The two Set Meethers would then continuously “spring” back and forth, constantly switching places. If this is the case with Set Meethers, then what happens with the quark bodies? The only thing they can do is repeatedly collide with each other due to the tugging of their Set Meethers. If two ferries were to behave this way, passengers would not simply fall off their feet, but everything on board would fall overboard. This means that in time, two colliding quarks would be ridden of any loose infinitesimal particles. Now we understand that the collisions of nuclear fusion is much more intense than that of fission. Because of this, nuclear fusion releases much more energy than fission. The nuclear force which holds the quarks together is just that simple. If Newton and Bernoulli had held a discussion regarding this natural interaction, this model would have likely been established hundreds of years ago. With this foundation, we believe that human beings can control nuclear fusion, and even gravity, in a not-too-distant future.

Numbers Talk

Now let’s do the homework from footnote 25

Combining the classical kinetic energy equation (E = ½mv2) and the mass- energy equivalence equation (E = mc2), we derive the following:

     e = ½ × |+M| × v2  When v < c, e is Secondhand Energy, and M is matter. Matter has constant mass which does
                                            not change (law of conservation of mass). The value of e changes as the value of v changes.
+)  e = ½ × |–M| × v  –M is antimatter. |–M| is equal to |+M| which is mass of matter and antimatter, respectively.

     E = 1  ×   × v When vc, E is original pure energy which has a constant value equal to Mc2. m is the mass (RM) of Meether as it changes from pure energy. m is a variable value in the range 0 ≤ mM. Flipping the equation around, we get m = E/v2 and v2 = E/m. Thus, when m = 0, v2 = ∞ and v = ±√∞. v is a variable value in the range c ≤ v ≤ |±√∞|. A v with a speed of √∞ can overcome the infinite universe. The “±” in ±√∞ denotes the direction of v. The opposing directions result in the creation of matter and antimatter

The above columnar addition system presents an important equation, e + e = E, which has two implications. One suggests that the combining matter and antimatter results in E. The second suggests that in order for our positive territory to have phase transitions between matter and meether at the critical point of v = c, e has to add up to 2e. The extra e is the latent heat that is required to complete a phase transition.

The columnar addition system is the complete mass-energy equivalence equation. It fully describes the conversion process between pure energy and matter through the intermediary Meether as well as the process of storing cooled pure energy into mass in positive time.

     1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_singularity

     2 Vacuum state is not all empty… “According to present-day understanding of what is called the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum, it is ‘by no means a simple empty space’, and again: ‘it is a mistake to think of any physical vacuum as some absolutely empty void.’ According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence…In the laboratory; it may be detected as the Casimir effect. In physical cosmology, the energy of the vacuum state appears as the cosmological constant.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_state)

     3 In lab experiments, when particles and anti-particles collide, it is understood that a large percentage of the energy produced is lost. Current explanations state that it is carried away by neutrinos. It is actually absorbed by Meether. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimatter#Fuel

     4 Refer to section “Model of 4D Space.”

     5 Refer to section “Fundamental Elements and Infinitesimal Particles.”

     6 Meether is such a simple and effective concept, that radio communication should not even have been implemented had we followed nature’s clues.

     7 Once the concept of Meether is clear, it will be understood that black holes cannot form from the overloading of mass. Compared to the mass of the Meether system, the mass of a black hole is nothing. A gravitational collapse due to ousted energy is nonsense. If black holes do indeed exist, they are simply unsaturated Meether absorbing matter. Then it is understood that white holes are over-pressurized Meether ejecting matter into our territory.

     8 Dark energy and dark matter are imperceptible to us yet makes up about 95% of the Universe. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information: http://science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/focus-areas/what-is-dark-energy/

     9 No matter the velocity of the plane of reference, light emitted by source A passing through source B will always be the same speed. Unlike aether, Meether is not matter; there is no such thing as Meether wind. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelson%E2%80%93Morley_experiment

     10 Once the speed of a flowing body is too high for its Set Meether to govern, turbulence ensues. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbulence

     11 Liquid and gas both have Set Meethers. In calm and stable conditions, the Set Meethers of the fluid and air (from bubbles) body are interconnected. However, when the right amount of frequency is introduced, they will be disturbed and come apart temporarily to reveal an unstable vacuum which is unsaturated Meether that is overflowing with pure energy. As soon as pure energy comes in contact with matter, it becomes Secondhand Energy and consequently, light. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://www.techmind.org/sl

     12 The lowest state of energy is expressed as “zero-point energy.” In today’s theory, zero-point energy is a contradicting idea. Quantum mechanics advocates the existence of what is usually called “zero-point” energy.  “Much attention has been given to reputable science suggesting that zero point energy is infinite, but zero point energy is a minimum energy below which a thermodynamic system can never go…” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-point_energy). With the knowledge of Meether, its definition is clear. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://www.calphysics.org/zpe.html

     13 As in absorption refrigeration. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information: http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/A/AE_absorption_chiller.html and http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/A/AE_absorption_refrigeration.html

     14 This impure energy is produced by and can only rely on mass. Once mass disappears, it will too disappear as a wave would without water.

     15 Ball lightning is most likely the remains of an ImMeether system left over by lightning in very special circumstances. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information: http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/B/ball_lightning.html and http://books.google.com/books?id=A_AFl6e1a5cC&printsec=frontcover&dq=ball+lightning&source=bl&ots=wSrc_xVLXI&sig=oc_kSChrHmh6RrrRhADdIiRabqY&hl=en&ei=1oVoTMerJsP6lweAruGTDQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=14&ved=0CFIQ6AEwDQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

     16 This is why there are so few anti-particles. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baryon_asymmetry

     17 The center of the sun is estimated at 15 million Kelvin, 6 thousand Kelvin surface. Corona is 3 million Kelvin. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information: http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/science/mysteries_l1/corona.html and http://pwg.gsfc.nasa.gov/Education/wcorona.html

     18 Entropy has a time arrow because Meether is constantly dissipating Secondhand Energy, like the ocean constantly dissipating waves. But we all know that ocean waters cannot be as calm as a mirror. This is why we have cosmic microwave background radiation. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://aether.lbl.gov/www/science/cmb.html

     19 This explains the existence of mysterious ultra high energy cosmic rays, in which no detectable sources can be found. They are actually produced by Meether around the solar system. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://physics.aps.org/synopsis-for/10.1103/PhysRevLett.104.091101

     20 This released Secondhand Energy cools down to become ImMeether. ImMeether cools down to produce electrical charges. The portion concentrated in the center combines with the particle cluster have long been defined as positively charged while the charges remaining outside are defined as the negatively charged electrons. If the Secondhand Energy does not have an interior particle cluster, the positive charges are, naturally, positrons. As mentioned in section, “The Introduction of Secondhand Energy and Immeether,” Immeether is a different system from the Meether system, so an electron that is created here naturally stays within its system boundaries because is born with this behavior. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron

     20a When a small particle, a, joins a larger particle, A, the Set Meether of a must first free its control over a, and then combine with the Set Meether of A to become a new Set Meether, A+a. The strength of the controlling force of a particle’s Set Meether is proportional to the particle’s Meether pressure and inversely proportional to its temperature. The lower the Meether pressure of a particle, the easier it is for the particle’s Set Meether to let go. In other words, the higher the temperature of a, the lower its Meether pressure, and the easier it is to free its Set Meether to combine with A and form A+a. This process would be slower if a were in a lower temperature before combining with A. So, if you place two glasses of water, a (high temperature) and b (low temperature), of equal quantity in a freezer, the water in glass a could quite possibly freeze first. Refer to the following link for more in-depth information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mpemba_effect

     21 This is a natural phenomenon in the negative time. The famous Hutchison Effect (reduction of Meether pressure) has demonstrated occurrences such as the levitation of massive objects, the blending of different materials, and the sudden fracture of metals. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information: http://www.thehutchisoneffect.com and http://www.hutchisoneffect.ca

     22 We are using a lower dimensional space to represent a higher dimensional space. It is actually not a skin, it is a plane. A plane only occupies a single point in the time axis. This means that the entire Universe moves through time in a synchronous fashion. It has nothing to do with the speed at which clocks tick. As a matter of fact, how fast a clock is ticking is determined by the Set Meether in which the clock is in. For example, a day seems a lot longer to the youth than to the elderly because the former has a greater Meether pressure.

     23 At this point of our discussion, we can say that matter is the byproduct of pure energy as it changes into Meether when Meether pressure rises too high.

     24 According to recent studies, the dark ages of the Universe took place from 400,000 years to 400,000,000 years after the birth of the Universe. Refer to the following links for more in-depth information. http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/300/5627/1904 and http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/CMB_Timeline75.jpg

     25 Once the concept of Meether is thoroughly understood, simple algebraic manipulations of the mass-energy equivalence equation (E=mc2) will show that it is actually a special case of the kinetic energy equation (when the velocity parameter is C). Since velocity only accounts for direction, it is at least one dimension below that of space. All Meether needs is a speed of the square root of infinity to overcome the infinitely sized universe. Thus, the maximum speed of pure energy is infinity (and the square is omitted).

     26 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relativistic_jet

     27 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miller%E2%80%93Urey_experiment and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoyle%27s_fallacy

     28 As the Meether pressure diminishes and nears zero, the control of the Meether over one’s body weakens, and age-related diseases will begin to surface. In addition, if an imbalance occurs between the two Meether counterparts then the onset of Alzheimer’s disease is the result of low levels of Set Meether while Parkinson’s disease arises due to low levels of ImMeether. To cure such diseases, one’s Meether pressure must be revamped. If Meether pressure is restored, one’s body will gradually recover its youth and vigor, and age-related diseases will naturally withdraw. Refer to the follow link for more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi

     29 Upon death the body’s Set Meether is gone but is still full of saturated Secondhand Energy; the ImMeether remains. It is possible to utilize the remaining ImMeether in a corpse and release this saturated Secondhand Energy in the form of work. Let’s look at the Chinese legend of Western Hunan corpse herding. Countrymen and women who died away from home are traditionally “herded” overnight back to the countryside for burial. The ritual begins in the dark of the night to avoid the Sun’s unsaturated Secondhand Energy from draining away the corpses’ ImMeether. They stand each corpse upright, feet together, in a single file with arms straight out reaching over to the shoulders of the corpse in front for balance. They then hop in line towards their destination. Hopping is the most basic mechanical movement for transportation that can utilized the release of energy. If a mechanical engineer were to design the logistics of this ritual, it would be exactly this. The presence of two living herders, one leading the line, makes this a definite possibility. However, if the bodies belonged to the elderly who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, no matter how seasoned the herder is, he would not be able to move them. In that case it would be more efficient to have some able‐bodied workers haul them home. If we stop rejecting legends as myths, and start locating and inquiring the herders about their procedure, we may just be able to make practical use of the Meether concept. Refer to the follow link for more information: http://www.chinaculture.org/chineseway/2011-12/05/content_426742.htm

     30 There is a distinction between non-organic matter and biotic matter. Non-organic matter are simply concentrations of infinitesimal particles. Life is not. Life develops by absorbing Secondhand Energy. Logically, biotic Set Meether form, grow, and end together with life. It governs the living body over its lifetime. This is also the definition of soul. Life ends when the soul has left the body. The corpse along with any abiotic saturated Secondhand Energy are naturally taken over by the ImMeether. During the ImMeether’s limited presence, it will convert its vessel into organic matter and their respective Set Meether. Simple cremation is a natural chemical process for reducing saturated Secondhand Energy back into unsaturated Secondhand Energy while diminishing ImMeether. Whatever remains is non-organic matter that the body has absorbed over its lifetime.

     31 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenz%27s_law

     32 At this point, we can see the speed of magnetic reaction is over c. Refer to the follow link for more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Experiment

     33 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck%27s_constant